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Starting One's Career: A Big City Or A Small Town?

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  Recently, there has emerged a heated discussion concerning the issue of the places where college students should stay after they graduate from school. Some people maintain that they ought to work in a big city where teems with opportunities, while others believe that they should start their career in a small town because of the acceptable price level. As for me, I am prone to work in a big city. The following reasons can account for my preference.

  The first factor that come up to my mind is the opportunities. A great many occupations can be offered in a big city. To some extent, you will have more choices. In other words, you have a small chance to face the problems of unemployment. In addition, you can get promoted if your performance is excellent. Compared with the situations in a small town, it is fairer to have a promotion. Another important reason is the diversity of a big city. Such a typical phenomenon is that a big city is equipped with good facilities. To speak in a specific way, the transportation is very convenient; you can get to work immediately. Furthermore, you can broaden your horizons. Although fierce competition exists in it, you can improve yourself from experiences.

  Taking what has been analyzed into consideration, we can naturally reach the conclusion that the advantages of working in a big city. Also the increasing popularity of migrant workers big cities demonstrates the benefit of conditions in big cities . Actually, it's up to you to decide the working places. If you want to improve yourself or long for a brighter future, starting your career in a big city can be a good choice, where you can really benefit a lot.

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