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  As a Chinese saying goes like this: Practice makes perfect. I remember clearly that a teacher once asked me about this issue. Different individuals hold on various opinions. Some people approve it due to the effect, which can make someone achieve something. While others believe it may bring some side effects. To those people who are stubborn, they may be trapped into the dilemma or even fail in doing something. As for me, I maintain that we people can reap a lot through practice. 

  Personally, I like learning English very much. The first time I learnt English, I was pretty curious due to its stress and pronunciation. Then I made an attempt to acquire its grammar. But as a matter of fact, I could not write compositions. After I had found my shortcomings, I made earnest efforts to challenge myself. In my spare time, I would accumulate excellent sentences or phrases, and then I would use them in my writings. This habit helps me lot. In the later days, I found that one cannot make great progress if he or she just concentrating on the sentences or phases. My teacher told us that a good composition must involve one's critical thinking. It's universally acknowledged that the author's opinion is of great significance. Then I started to imitate those excellent compositions and tried to find the structures the author used. Actually, I reaped a lot from them.

  Frankly speaking, if one knows the strategy of how to write a good composition, but he or she does not have chances to put it into practice. They will forget them sooner or later. I was a teaching assistant and tried to rub shoulders with those foreign friends. I often had to write E-mails to communicate with them about our work. In the process, indeed, they taught me a lot and gave me some suggestions, one of which is practice more. Fortunately, I caught the chance of the 2015 FLTRP cup English writing contest and I had prepared a lot. As a famous saying goes like this: Everything comes to him who waits. I had got the third prize. Although there are some spaces I still need to improve, I made it.

  Later, I found the blog's contest on the Wechat and signed up. It is a good chance for me to practice my writings. At the same time, the knowledge what I learnt could be checked. I strive to write blogs, from which I am acquainted with a great many pen friends. We exchanges our ideas about the same topic, some friends also point out the defects of my opinions. I really like the feelings.

  There is no denying that practice makes perfect. Meanwhile, we people ought to catch the opportunities to put what we had learnt into practice, and only in this way can we really make progress. In a nutshell, thanks for the platform, where I practiced a lot about my writings. Anyway I am still on the road, wish I could extend my limits.

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