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Extend Your Own Limits!

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  With the rapid development of science and technology, our living standard has been improved. Such a typical phenomenon is that our daily life teems with digital devices, such as mobile phones, TV and computers. On the one hand, we reap a lot benefits from these advanced devices, where we can know news immediately or even acquire knowledge quickly. While on the other hand, it seems that we are now too relying on them to lose the critical thinking. Some people even believe that they lose something when they do not take them. Actually, this idea can be proved in the bus stations. A great many people are absorbed in their mobile phones. But can you imagine that how to live without the creature comforts? Can you live as a basic human being? Can you live without digital devices?

  Time is fleeting! My winter vacation is over. Looking back on my holidays, I maintain that I had wasted the time. At the beginning, I harbored that the holidays was boring and spent my time on the Internet. Then I was aware that if I spent my holidays all like this, I would regret that I achieve nothing. Then I started to read books, from which I found a lot happiness.  As for me, I pretty like the feelings of thumbing through papers. It is quite true that a great many individuals depend on digital devices to acquire knowledge, that's what we called the fast-food culture. As matter of fact, they do not digest it. What's worse, they ignore the value of books and lose the critical thinking. There is no denying that people always find the quickest and easiest ways to success. Nowadays, it's hard for people to be in the moment. We are always thinking what I am going to do next, what happened yesterday but what happening in front of you. Are you enjoying that moment in front of you? Indeed, that's the most significant things.

  It is understandable that people long for success. But actually, we people need to ponder about our daily life. We ought to remember to "smell the roses" to appreciate what's happening around you not just focusing on just the end or just the goal. As for me, I am a junior student. I always strive to obtain several certifications and qualifications and involved myself in different sorts of activities for the purpose of enhancing my social abilities to acquire an all-around development. But in the process, I am always concentrating on the results. If the results are not ideal, I would feel upset. Actually, I always ignore appreciating the hard efforts I have made. Wish I could make progress in this respect.

  As a famous saying goes like this: Life will make its turns and you just have to learn to go with the flow and learn how to be ready for that, for every moment that changes in front of you. Maybe sometimes, we people should be far away from the digital devices, ponder about our daily life and make an attempt to appreciate the moment. Maybe you can challenge yourself to see the life or even the world in a different way. If you try to read some valuable books, you can broaden your horizons and to look the world in a wilder perspective.






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