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Why I Don’t Have Boyfriend

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  I believe many girls be asked this question as well as asking themselves since we went to college.
  For this question, I want to answer it from two aspects. First is the universal aspect, and the other of course is the special one.
  It is normal that parents forbade we contact too much with boys when in high school. The reason is obvious, which is that we need to focus on our learning, and all the things that have nothing to do with study should be avoided. Then as we graduate from the high school and go to college they begin to worry about the boyfriend things. But they should know that we are in college, where we have no stable classroom for us. In colleges, it is common that we are not familiar with our classmates after a   semester, not mention that some majors are quite imbalanced in distribution of male and female.
  On the other hand, even some people ignore the rule that parents set in high school and have boyfriends, then after the graduation usually lovers go to different cities. The relationship may maintain for sometime, but when came to work time it was another crossroad to make a decision. Very limited lovers can be together at last. So you see, puppy love is not reliable either.
I heard that we the development of the time, people prefer to change a subject when it is out of work rather than repair it. Maybe it is similar to today's love. People have the opportunities to go around and make acquaintance with many other people. We are not mature enough to treasure the relationship we get, on the contrary, some people think they can come across a better one ahead. Consequently, we become numb at changing lovers.
  Of course, some people are peculiar with the love things and believe karma. So they wait for the unique one for them. However the special one is belated.
  Above all are some common reasons for being single. As for the special aspect, different people have different answers. For example, from my point, I am too tall for many boys. So my choices are limited compared with some other girls. It is true that as a girl too tall is not a good thing.
  All in all, one sentence is enough for this situation. That is the one you like ignored you, but you have no feelings for the one that have a thing for you.

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chengjunkwan: Agree haha~
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