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Share Spring Festival at My Grandparents’
宁檬 2016-2-22 14:59
As usual, I paid a visit to my grandparents at a small village of Jiangji town, Ningyang county in Tai’an on the third day of the first lunar month, which fell on February 10. It was the time of the year when kids enjoyed a month-long holiday, adults took a few days off their business and filed work, and everybody was immersed in the festive mood of family reunion and accompaniment. After having greeted all the relatives and neighbors in the village first, every woman took a hand at t ...
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Share My Little Cousin Duoduo
宁檬 2016-1-4 11:38
My Little Cousin Duoduo
This photo was taken in 2005 when my cousin, Duoduo, was five years old. That summer vacation I was trusted with the responsibility of looking after him every day as my aunt was busy with an appraisal work at college. So I took him to the park, where he climbed up and down, watched the old people fishing or simply running back and forth, talking and asking questions and laughing all the time. Sometimes we went to the supermarket, in which he would stay quietly on the second floor readin ...
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Share My Grandma and Grandpa
宁檬 2015-12-25 09:23
There are a few people in the world, whom, when you think of, you’ll always be filled with happiness, and feel grateful to have them in your life. My grandma and grandpa are among them. They live in a village of Ningyang county, Tai’an in Shandong. When I was a little fat girl, I used to visit them every summer and winter vacations for more than one month. Every then intimate friend of mine was familiar with Ningyang, as they knew I’d always rush there as soon as the holiday started ...
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