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the coming College Entrance Exam

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In front of the high school I used to study, Someone videoed the students who were going to the county to take part in the coming college entrance exam, which is going to be held two days later. I saw this video just now, it really gave me a shock and reminded me of the exam I took ten years ago. the memories of my high school life started to reappear in mind, so clear, concrete and vivid, just like watching a movie in which I was the main character.
Ten years ago today,  together with many of my classmates and schoolmates, I got on the bus heading towards the county where the college entrance exam was held. Because our school was about 25 KM away from the county, we had to go to there and lived nearby in advance in case there would  be any delay. Excited, nervous, anxious and a little cheerful we felt. We were excited because it finally came to day that we had been preparing for for three years, it was the time to show what we had learnt in the past three years, at that time, most of us were like a soldier who were going to a battle and would surely fight with all his strength. We were nervous and anxious, because we had no idea what we would encounter, what whould be the outcome of the war. It was a comtradictory feeling, we would like to end the war as soon as possible, but on the contrary, we hoped that we didn't need to fight in the war.  We were cheerful, because we almost could  see the freedom was just ahead, waving his hand, beckoning us to follow him.  At that time, freedom was that there was no need to get up at 6 am and went to be at 11 pm, that there was no difference between school days and weekends, every week had seven days, and every day was out of curriculum...
It was a fine day, clear and sunny. It was a tradition that at the moment we departed, they would set firecrackers at the school gate, wishing for good luck. And as soon as we departed, there came a round of cheerings behind us from our schoolmates who were in grade one or grade two, the parents who were seeing their children off, as well as the teachers. Even today, the ritual is still the same. For us, we were not only leaving the school and schoolmates behind, but also the past three years in which we had sadnesses and happiness with our classmates and teachers, we ups and downs in our studies, we laughted together, player together,and lived together.
The two days' exam was really a difficult task. But perhaps almost everyone who had ever taken part in it will never forget about it. It seems the unforgettable memory has been imprinted in our brain,deep in the cortex. To reduce the furious emotion that had been accumulated in our heart for three years, on the evening, when we were back to school after exam, many people would like to tear the exersice books, textbooks, test papers into piece and throw it away from the teaching buildings. Nothing did we like to take home except those we had to. It really turned the classrooms into a mess.
Ten years has been gone, and most of the classmates have scattered around the country, we may not meet each other for a long time, we may not contact each other, but time to time, those memories will break into our mind, time to time, we will recall those days we spent together, whenever we meet each other again, there would be countless stories to be recalled.
If I have the chance to choose again, I think I would still take the exam, though, to some extent, it was a hardship. 
Good luck to every student! You are the best!
   June 5th, 2018

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