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Norway gets a new hit teen drama

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Since i watched skam,i got terrilble sleep,bad appetite...An Norwegian internet show which features high school students in Oslo has sparked wild fires in north Europe.

How sensational did it create?

Although i still havent had time to view,my kids watched this show at home,said by Norwegian prime minister ErnaSolberg.

Norwegian crown princess Mette Marits oldest son has stood as a cameo role at the end of season2.

So many fans are ready to begin to learn Norwegian by the affection of Skam in Iceland.

Oslo western high school where the story has took place has shut down for visiting because of the big fans flooding.

Skam makes Norway so cool for the first time,addressed by the Danish media.

Skam has released 3 seasons aka 33 episodes since september 2015.The show focuses on the storyline about high school students friendship and love story as it features every single main character in each season.

And now Skam tornado has swept cross the whole world especially in north Europe which makes it rarely the most influential Norwegian drama in recent year.

Season 3 of Skam got 789 thousand clicking hit per episode while the clicking rate for 2 former seasons were 154k and 513k according to the data from NRK.

These numbers are staggering for Norway who holds 5 million population totally.

What people most recognizes about Norwegian tv drama is the non-interrupting live tv show lasting 134 hours and rating as the top long tv show in the world.

Norwegians, in daily life, are more likely to get in touch with tv dramas produced by usa and england such as Game of Throne.

Its unbelievable for Skam to cause such a big sensation in north Europe but still reasonable because it engages in some hot topics for recent Europe like school bullying,sexual harassment,homosexuality,immigrants etc.

The creators of Skam have done lots of interview researches on teenagers before taking the first camera action so as to resonate to adolescent for a higher level.

This low-profiled budget drama series used a new form of marketing.

It rolled on the internet every Friday,and released some living scripts of charactersfor the rest of time.

That seems very appealing to fans.

Resource has it that XIX entertainment agency has signed up an agreement with NRK for the USA version which is looking forward to getting shot in 2017. 

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thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report Predestinedway 2017-1-29 16:49
I  love the 3rd season~

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    Family connection and belonging is too strong in china , parents are very possessive and authoritative !

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    Chinese students have little experience and understanding of the opposite sex. Girls "play" together, boys "play" together. No experience. Many have a cartoon like fantasy about love and marriage. To them it is some fairy tale of romance. The situation is encouraged by old attitudes and parental/ grand-parents pressure. Raising a family as soon as possible is the pre-eminent old attitude. I am sure many couples love each-other, but many find out too late that their chosen partner is not a prince or princess. Curiously men in China ignore women walking by. They seem to have no interest in them? Dating is thereby formal and awkward. They marry the first partner that shows any interest instead of living and mixing and experimenting, getting to know what they need in a partner and developing mature and sensible attitudes. Social development in China is slow but an emerging wish for careers and leisure before marriage is clear, particularly in the cities. So, the idea of "love" here can be rather distorted and unrealistic.

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