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chinese country boy married a foreign beauty n have mixed race kids

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While tons of chinese girls are eager for a white foreign husband,Cai Xiaohua,a chinese man who was born in a chinas remote country site,no high school attending ,no english speaking,no foreign countries abroad,has married a foreign beauty who is his 9 years junior,which has caused a sensation on chinas social network.

Cai Xiaohua served as a safeguard in an international school in Couontry Garden in  Guangzhou Guangdong Province while his wife worked as a foreign teacher there.their romance has sparked when they met and talked and dated and eventually they tied the knot.

and the main attribution to the sparkling sensation is that they are happily married and have beautiful mixed race children coz Asian people regard mixed children especially mixed yellow and white children are the most beautiful ethnic group in the whole world.

with no doubt,their children could speak at least 2 languages while so many chinese parents have to spend thousands of RMB to send their children to international school.

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  • what is the true meaning of marriage? 2017-4-20 07:35

    Family connection and belonging is too strong in china , parents are very possessive and authoritative !

  • what is the true meaning of marriage? 2017-4-12 16:13

    Chinese students have little experience and understanding of the opposite sex. Girls "play" together, boys "play" together. No experience. Many have a cartoon like fantasy about love and marriage. To them it is some fairy tale of romance. The situation is encouraged by old attitudes and parental/ grand-parents pressure. Raising a family as soon as possible is the pre-eminent old attitude. I am sure many couples love each-other, but many find out too late that their chosen partner is not a prince or princess. Curiously men in China ignore women walking by. They seem to have no interest in them? Dating is thereby formal and awkward. They marry the first partner that shows any interest instead of living and mixing and experimenting, getting to know what they need in a partner and developing mature and sensible attitudes. Social development in China is slow but an emerging wish for careers and leisure before marriage is clear, particularly in the cities. So, the idea of "love" here can be rather distorted and unrealistic.

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