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Share Family Reunion Dinner
bri-tin 2016-2-12 22:04
Family Reunion Dinner
New year has come.At first, I wish that everyone could happy in the new year and all dreams of you would be true. It's the year of the mokey.In recently,"猴赛雷“ is hot ,it means "好厉害” in Cantonese. About this new year,what really impress me is my family reunion dinner. F amily reunion dinner is of great significance to every Chinese family.Before dinner,we willmake a sacrifice to our ancestors,the reason is that wish our ...
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Share Look for your memories
bri-tin 2016-2-2 20:18
Look for your memories
wa~It has been a long time since I visited here. Before I write today's blog, let us share a piece of good news.I did well in my major.Although reviewing my lessons is a hard job,I also view it as a worthy thing. I cleaned my bedroom at afternoon.ok,to be honest, I have to admit that I am a lazy girl. I did not do anything since I enjoyed my holiday,however, I think every young people will do the same thing as me.haha~ e ...
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Share A blood donation experience
bri-tin 2016-1-8 15:38
A blood donation experience
My school had some special visitors this week-----a steady team of voluntary blood donors. My mother never told me blood donation, so it’s my first time to learn about them. Although I was very afraid and nervous, I chose to donate some my blood.When I saw the huge needle,I could hardly believe that it would puncture my skin and blood vessel. Volunteers told me that I am a brave girl and my action is kind, which enable me feel better, but I was ...
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Share Sweat,Joy,Sport
bri-tin 2015-12-27 15:41
There is a saying that wealth is nothing without health . Maybe it’s the reason why people attach importance to health. As a college student, physical education is one of the required courses ,but I consider life is exercise. I love badminton. To be honest ,I love sport because of challenge. From my respective, man is a creature that loves to seek stimulation. So I take part in a badminton match . At first, I felt hopeless extremel ...
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Share December
bri-tin 2015-12-5 19:36
This December makes me feel that the world is so beautiful. The first thing is my birthday-12/2. It was my first birthday in college. We had a simple celebration which is eating hot pot. Besides , my roommates and I visited Xixi impression city which is near by Xixi National Wetland. We all had a good time. Eating , shopping, singing and other activities. The second thing is that Hangzhou has a big snow.I hope that I can see a white world tomorrow moring. Maybe we wi ...
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Share Volunteering for Wuchang junior school
bri-tin 2015-11-25 12:53
Volunteering for Wuchang junior school
Last weekend , I joined a community whose task is to enrich the life of Wuchang junior school’s students.My job is to teach students play badminton ,who in interested in sports. On our way to the school, we were all filled with excitement though it was raining, and the view in nice. I had a little nervous because it was my first time to participate in volunteer activities, since becoming a college student . We were all surprised at ...
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