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Get Rid of the China Bashers and Foreign Failures on CD

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Hi all,

I’ll leave this up for a while before removing it.

As a relatively new poster, I’m already on my way out and will leave just a few of my old blogs here. If they start to get damaged in any way, or the abuse continues, I’ll wipe my whole board clean. This is a dangerous place to those of us with nothing to hide and willing to come out into the open with full profiles and personal photos. I’m now reverting to anonymity, like the vast majority here.

I thought CD as a reputable name would also contain above board posters. Having met anonymous seneca and his tag team partner coralbay, (or are they the same person), China bashing, baiting, fishing for information, disrupting and thread trolling, with accusations of my being in China illegally, having a sordid background, or being a paedophile. (I still have the screenshot) and no moderation, I’ve had enough. Looking through various threads, I’m not alone in my criticism of these anonymous, pretend teachers.

Deportees, ex-illegals, drug involvement, or those with an agenda? Who knows. I’ve already been verified by the PSB and SAFEA, without the need for further information seeking by anonymous China bashers sitting back in the west, whose grammar often doesn’t even sound as if they’re native English speaking. Also, partly my fault as I should have known better than to get involved with trolls. 

I think it’s best I start to distance myself from a forum where there’s no way to personally stop this kind of disgraceful behaviour. Is this a result of my having criticised the same scam like organisation CD’s editor Craig Hill criticised on another forum, with the same abuse and defamation he got, or is it just behaviour allowed on a forum with lax moderation?


My resume is out there, I’m on LinkedIn and I’m easy to find. No one has to fish, I’m ex-forces, mental health management and British Telecom, with a UK Master’s in criminology, a valid residency visa and work in Northern China.

Well, that turned into a bit of a rant, didn’t it. No apologies though and something that I’m glad to get off my chest and bring out into the open. Having said all that, I understand some wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason, but they shouldn’t be the ones shouting the loudest at those who don’t.


To the good people I’ve met here, my best wishes to you all and let’s all be a little more kind to a country that has provided us the opportunities we’ve found here, instead of listening to those few hiding anonymously behind their keyboards and bashing China and its supporters at every opportunity. Get rid of the foreign failures here, start to moderate properly and I’m sure you’ll have a lot more posters join you. :)

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Reply Report KIyer 2017-10-10 07:46
One of the best blogs on CD I have come across. Spot on!

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