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Get Rid of the China Bashers and Foreign Failures on CD

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Hi all,

I’ll leave this up for a while before removing it.

As a relatively new poster, I’m already on my way out and will leave just a few of my old blogs here. If they start to get damaged in any way, or the abuse continues, I’ll wipe my whole board clean. This is a dangerous place to those of us with nothing to hide and willing to come out into the open with full profiles and personal photos. I’m now reverting to anonymity, like the vast majority here.

I thought CD as a reputable name would also contain above board posters. Having met anonymous seneca and his tag team partner coralbay, (or are they the same person), China bashing, baiting, fishing for information, disrupting and thread trolling, with accusations of my being in China illegally, having a sordid background, or being a paedophile. (I still have the screenshot) and no moderation, I’ve had enough. Looking through various threads, I’m not alone in my criticism of these anonymous, pretend teachers.

Deportees, ex-illegals, drug involvement, or those with an agenda? Who knows. I’ve already been verified by the PSB and SAFEA, without the need for further information seeking by anonymous China bashers sitting back in the west, whose grammar often doesn’t even sound as if they’re native English speaking. Also, partly my fault as I should have known better than to get involved with trolls. 

I think it’s best I start to distance myself from a forum where there’s no way to personally stop this kind of disgraceful behaviour. Is this a result of my having criticised the same scam like organisation CD’s editor Craig Hill criticised on another forum, with the same abuse and defamation he got, or is it just behaviour allowed on a forum with lax moderation?


My resume is out there, I’m on LinkedIn and I’m easy to find. No one has to fish, I’m ex-forces, mental health management and British Telecom, with a UK Master’s in criminology, a valid residency visa and work in Northern China.

Well, that turned into a bit of a rant, didn’t it. No apologies though and something that I’m glad to get off my chest and bring out into the open. Having said all that, I understand some wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason, but they shouldn’t be the ones shouting the loudest at those who don’t.


To the good people I’ve met here, my best wishes to you all and let’s all be a little more kind to a country that has provided us the opportunities we’ve found here, instead of listening to those few hiding anonymously behind their keyboards and bashing China and its supporters at every opportunity. Get rid of the foreign failures here, start to moderate properly and I’m sure you’ll have a lot more posters join you. :)

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report twa 2017-9-20 16:32
i agree that allowing shils to turn this site into an anti chinese site turns off alot of genuine users, maybe all genuine users. but i also suspect that if china daily doesnt allow these shils to ruin china's reputation, that the entire site will be shut down, as the us controls the entire internet. of course i could be wrong.
Reply Report sfphoto 2017-9-20 17:46
Other than paid trolls whose day job is to spam any thread with anti-China rants, they're mostly laowais with an axe to grind against China. It's easy to spot them because they begin and end their posts with their anti-China rants.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-20 20:20
As far as I’m aware, CD is the online English language version of China Daily, run by China Mobile Communications, on a Beijing server. Nothing whatsoever to do with the US. It’s why I joined and never suspected that they’d let the rubbish I came across onto a site associated with China Daily itself.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-20 21:26
Your post has been deleted. You are banned from this and any of my blogs on CD.
Reply Report sfphoto 2017-9-21 01:06
JohnV: As far as I’m aware, CD is the online English language version of China Daily, run by China Mobile Communications, on a Beijing server. Nothing whats ...
The stupid laowais who rant here all day are born losers who can't get a decent job back in their home countries. They suffer from an inferiority complex which they try to compensate by ranting here all day so they can feel good about themselves.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-21 07:33
Agreed. I just wonder why they come to a site about China when they obviously hate it and more importantly, I wonder why the admin allow them here. It’s like having a bunch of computer viruses on the forum and like a magnet, attracts more of the useless and the clueless. It’s also dangerous and I now know, having been on the receiving end of these minority trolls, why the majority profiles are empty and people are hiding behind anonymity. This is not the only forum I belong to and as a previous moderator elsewhere, the sort of thing going on here couldn’t happen on any western forum. Hint to Admin - this isn’t free speech, this will eventually wreck your forum! When the Chinese read these troll posts, I hope it doesn’t tar us all with the same brush, but it probably does have some sort of an effect.

None of us came here looking for a paradise and like everywhere else, it is what you make it, with all the added ups and downs, but if you’re stupid to begin with and again just like everywhere else, that’s also going to have an effect on your experiences here and probably why the rants and personal attacks on those who succeed.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-21 08:59
Another recent thing I’ve noticed here is probable multiple identities. When you ban someone’s comments from your blog, a little grey box appears to tell you that and how many times you’ve deleted their comments. What I’m seeing from some comments is the box telling me they’ve been deleted x number of times when I haven’t. Meaning it’s probably coming from a different name using the same ip address. It just gets worse.
Reply Report sfphoto 2017-9-21 14:06
JohnV: Another recent thing I’ve noticed here is probable multiple identities. When you ban someone’s comments from your blog, a little grey box appears to ...
There are paid trolls here who assume multiple identities and post their anti-China propaganda right here on CD Forum. They're easy to spot with their cheesy names and nonsensical rants. This has been a huge problem here since I joined the forum.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-22 06:58

Usually, these forums have software that detects identical ip addresses. Maybe just a situation where it’s hoped that the more that join the livelier it will get, but that’s never the case. The professional trolls wouldn’t expose themselves, I think it’s more a question of idiots who couldn’t get away with their behaviour on any other forum that exists. I already know the moderators aren’t happy with what’s going on here.

Across the Internet, the majority forums are seeing decreased membership and participation as people move towards information sites and blogs. Ditto the search engines such as Google who are now including quality in their criteria. It’s like everything else, including foreign teachers; remove the minority disrupters, trolls and deadbeats and you’d attract more of those who would contribute something worthwhile, which in turn would attract the same sort of people.

What this place needs is a good clean up, perhaps even identity checks, leading to a forum where people aren’t forced to be anonymous and those with something to say take responsibility for the statements they make. Will that happen and does the membership really care? So far not many people seem bothered. I’m bothered and some of the threads and blogs here are really interesting, but the way it’s run now is not something I’d want to be a part of.
Reply Report huaqiao 2017-9-22 15:38
My comment yesterday did not appear here.
Reply Report huaqiao 2017-9-22 15:43
If the moderators need help to monitor the situation, I am sure there are sincere people who would volunteer with their time. Maybe the moderators are not exactly sure what's going on so the trolls own the forum.
Reply Report huaqiao 2017-9-22 15:45
Do you think seneca could be one of the moderators?
Reply Report huaqiao 2017-9-22 16:17
My comment yesterday was about how forum members should practise good manners and not abuse the system.
Reply Report JohnV 2017-9-22 16:42
I’ve no idea why your comment didn’t appear, but yes, I agree it’s being very badly managed. On every forum in the world, a forum left to itself will very quickly produce a sort of online social anarchy. It’s why part of a moderators job is to police forums and make decisions to stop it ending in personal abuse and trolling, because left alone, that will always follow. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last.
Reply Report AndrewHLi 2017-9-24 11:29
spams coming from blog or forum? I didn't even see enough readers on this blog site. Sorry for what you have suffered.
Reply Report KIyer 2017-10-10 07:46
One of the best blogs on CD I have come across. Spot on!

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