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Share An overhaul of national holiday system
2018-2-11 23:36
Chinese government has announced a crucial overhaul of our national holiday system. The traditional national holidays like Tomb-sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival will be chosen and became national holidays. At the same time, the three days holiday of May Day will be cut into one day. Some opposed the announcement and criticized that it is ridiculous to add the above three festivals, while other people debated that it is a significant method to inherit traditional cu ...
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Share Is online newspaper your choice?
2018-2-11 22:56
How can you get the latest news? Traditional newspapers or online newspapers? The majority of readers will choose online newspaper. The modern people have fast-pace life, they don't have enough time to curl up in their favorite armchairs and circle items of interest. As I known, most of the elders like to use scissors and snip out articles and stick them on the notebook in order to gather important materials that they want to use someday. However, people have changed their reading habit. Except ...
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Share On the interpretation of love
2018-2-7 16:21
When we talk about the danger of romantic love, we don't want to express the obvious heartbreak, such as ashamed betrayals, the broken promises, we want to point out the potential risks under the dogmatic idea, romantic love is the final goal for the modern women,which will be trusted as the truth by sensible, educated women. For this group of women, they are good at observing the real case around their friends and colleagues. Their empirical side plays the major role when theyf ...
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Share Become a truly educated student
2018-2-7 15:29
When high school students entered university, they will be required to learn the specific knowledge within four years. That's a quite challenging task because most of them have to take lots of efforts to completely finish all compulsory courses. However,the oppositeopinion is that the universities should require students to take optional courses outside their field of study, they hold that the best way to become a truly educated student is to acquire knowledge in different academic ...
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Share Boxer indemnity scholarship
2018-2-7 14:18
In 1900, Chinese Boxer Troupebecame the most serious conflict in parts of northern areas, the Qing Empirehad to combatwith the foreign aggressions, unfortunately, the allied forces of eight foreign nations defeated Qing Empire and occupied the Forbidden City. In 1901, the year of Xin Chou,the final Protocol, the settlement of the unrest of 1900 wasreachedby China and 11 countries,that is"Treaty of Xin Chou." Based onthe treaty, Th ...
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Share Discuss competition and cooperation
2018-1-30 23:41
Competition and cooperation are two main parts that the children should be encouraged to do. In fact, most of the students will take priority to compete with others rather than cooperating with them. It is because the learning sources are quite limited thatare insufficient to support all children. In my opinion, the competition can strength your confidence, cooperation can enhance your communication skills and team spirit. These two aspects are necessary for youngsters to be the successfu ...
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Share Refuse nuclear war, anti nuclear attack
2018-1-30 22:20
Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous threat in the world which can destroy the world in a few seconds. Scientists try to find the ways and protect the innocent people in order to build a peaceful mother earth. Apart from the military reasons, politics is also a critical reason. The worldwide countries have to solve the conflicts by war in the past years. With the rapid development of technological innovation, the information war should be the future trend. The countries are more consider ...
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Share Should successful sports professionals earn more money?
2018-1-30 21:02
As we all known, successful sports professionals always earn more money than normal athletes and other professionals. After they won the competition, especially for Olympic Games, they are rewarded by central government, local government and entrepreneurs with money, property, car and advertising endorsement fee. However, with the fame and fortune, there are a variety of problems come along with it. One of the problems is that it's not fair for other athletes and coaches, even other professiona ...
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Share Silicon Valley, a milestone of technological innovation
2018-1-29 16:16
Silicon Valley is defined as a magnet because of its far-reaching influence in the history of technological revolution. It attracts numerous talented students, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from overseas countries and regions. They are devoted intoinnovation and getting profits and fame. The impact of technological revolution surpassed the epoch-making European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution of the bygone age. The great success of Silicon Valleyreflects th ...
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Share Is it worth having a PhD degree?
2018-1-29 15:01
Doing PhD research is a quite hard work. The students should take lots of efforts and time to get it. Generally, at least 3 years, at most 8 years. Considering the fact that the process of doing research is difficult and challenging, most of the students will give up. Moreover, a PhD costs you a houseor a fancy car. In my opinion, it's worth getting a PhD degree, especially if you want to be a scholar or professor in the universities and institutions. Doing research is beneficial for ...
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  • On the interpretation of love 2018-2-9 09:35

    Let them ask their husbands at home.


  • On the interpretation of love 2018-2-9 09:34

    As in all the churches of the saints, 34 the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. 35 If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

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