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Share China rebuild world order under 'Silk Road' strategy
2017-5-19 17:55
Ren Hong. In the past four years, more than 100 countries and international organization have participated in and supported this initiative. The UN General Assembly and Security Council are willing to take the important resolutions to the agenda of the Silk Road. We have achieved a meaningful consequence. China is the motherland of Confucianism and Chinese civilization. With the development of the Belt and Road, we positively attended the regional agreement and initiative with other countries wh ...
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Share China guide new trends under 'Silk Road' strategy
2017-5-19 17:32
Ren Hong The ancient Silk routes is a successful trade Road, also a knowledge Road. Chinese people lived a bumper harvest life during the Chinese feudal society. They connected with the world by cooperating and combating with the spirit of openness and inclusiveness and mutual learning. Chinese emperors and scholars are more likely to accept newly inventions and academic thoughts in order to spread Chinese traditional culture and explore the unknown world. It is safe to say that we achieved a wi ...
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Share China lead world economy under 'Silk Road' strategy
2017-5-19 15:17
Ren Hong To operate Silk Road Economic Belt and The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, The Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation has been held on May 14-15, 2017. The heads of state and government, international organizations attended this meeting. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting. The meeting has significant meaning to advocate the countries along the ancient Silk Road and the countries along the modern Silk R ...
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Share A farewell letter
2017-5-14 10:07
Ren Hong Dear All, I am very pleased to announce that it is my last day with all of you today. I was decided to leave the school to pursue a different career path. I joined our school in 2008 as a teacher for high school students where my talents quickly shone. I was able to complete every task I was given to a high standard and in a timely manner, which was why I was promoted to Team Leader and later the Director within 8 months. I was done a fantastic job leading the teaching team from one vic ...
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Share Eating dinner with appropriate manners
2017-4-25 03:28
Ren Hong Manners and etiquette are the basic rules people should follow while they are eating dinner in a restaurant. There are different manners and etiquette for Chinese food culture and western food culture. In my view, it’s a little complicated for people to learn appropriate manners and etiquette for western food culture. If you are visited to participate in a dinner at your friend’s house, you had better to confirm the location, date and time. Arrive at your friend’s house on t ...
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Share My grandparents
2017-4-23 08:36
Ren Hong My grandparents passed away nearly 10 years. My grandmother passed from an accident. My grandfather passed away in peace, surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, I was not in hometown when they passed away. I was sorry to hear my grandparents have passed away. Today, I would like to recall memories of the individual in order to show my condolences to my grandparents during Tomb-Sweeping Day. The old friends and relatives of my grandparents’ offered their condolences to our fa ...
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Share The invitation of parties
2017-2-25 09:38
Ren Hong Recently, modern people like to join parties in their free time. They play games, give gifts to each other, cut cakes, eat snacks, taste red wine, drink beer, soda and juice, dance and sing with friends and colleagues all night. That’s the young people’s lifestyle. The life is stressful, they want to relax and reduce stress after work. Actually, I recommend you to invite some friends with you. What are you going to eat dinner or dance? It will be safe and have a lot of fun. Y ...
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Share Recommend a hotel
2017-2-25 09:00
Ren Hong The recommendation of choosing hotel is easy, just focus on location, price and features. For businessmen, the location is the most important factor, the hotel should be right downtown. Moreover, It should near the airport or train station, close to shopping malls and coffee shop. Some people like doing exercise every day. They will ask for a hotel that has a great fitness center, a swimming pool, a business center, and free wireless internet. The room rates should be reasona ...
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Share Talking about hobbies
2017-2-24 23:33
Ren Hong I have a lot of hobbies. I like taking photographs, doing puzzles, woodworking, drawing, sewing and stamp collecting. Most of people have various interests such as birdwatching, gardening, camping, going to an exhibit, writing diary, reading comic books, going to the theater for a play, fishing, oil painting, playing computer games. In fact, young people like extreme sports. That's exciting. The elders like traveling, jogging and walking. I am really into art. I like pain ...
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Share What's your apartment like?
2017-2-24 22:35
Ren Hong I have a beautiful house. That’s a pretty big apartment. There are three bedrooms, two living rooms, two balconies, two garages, two bathrooms, a dining room, a lovely yard, two modern kitchens, a fireplace, a mailbox and a swimming pool. Let me tell you the features of my apartment. Each room has big windows in different color. There are comfortable sofa and retro carpets in the living room. There are dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. The bed ...
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  • China rebuild world order under 'Silk Road' strategy 2017-5-23 09:16

    I think OBOR is going to give all nations a seat at the table. I think all nations will feel a sense of ownership in relation to OBOR. OBOR will bring us all closer together and make for a more harmonious global community. It is very exciting for us all.

  • The times of Donald J. Trump 2017-5-15 18:03

    Well i believe Donald Trump promised as much as he could to get the votes, but will the promises be delivered? I do not think so.  Will Donald Trump be considered a success or a failure after his term of office? I believe Donald Trump will be the biggest failure in the USA's history.  He is a businessman and not a politician as will be seen in the future.

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