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Share The traits of celebrities
2017-6-22 02:12
By Ren Hong Celebrities can be considered as the model of the normal people. They are in the middle of the stage and show their life to the audience. People see them on the TV commercials or social events. They always talk big and do big. Because they should set examples to the general public. Honestly, people take celebrities as a symbol of success. People would like to imitate their behaviors in order to gain the best way to be a well-known person. A famous person stands fo ...
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Share Chiron's life and love
2017-6-21 02:18
Chiron's life and love
By Ren Hong Moonlight is adrama film that is written and directed by Barry Jenkins based on Tarell Alvin McCraney'sunpublished semi-autobiographical play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue . The American audience saw this movie in 2016. The movie lasts 110 minutes. The leading actors are Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Andre Holland, Janelle Monae, all-black cast. This is a tearjerker movie. The director tries to tell agrowing story of an African-Ameican man. ...
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Share Alien combats with the humans, who wins?
2017-6-20 12:24
Alien combats with the humans, who wins?
By Ren Hong Alien is a British-American science-fiction and thriller film. It was released in 1979. This film was directed by Ridley Scott. The starring actors are Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. It’s a marvelous sci-fi movie. Nostromo is a commercial starship that is on a return trip to Earth. There are seven members in stasis, and also a cat, named Jones. The Mother of ship’s computer awakes ...
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Share The connotation of gender issues
2017-6-20 01:34
By Ren Hong Gender is defined by social environment and culture. Under the conventional context, people with different gender are suggested to behave as the habitual regulations requested. Generally, gender includes female and male. Men and women should play their role in the workplace and the home. Moreover, they have responsibility and obligation to work and life as others expected. In Chinese culture, boys should be more brave, confident, knowledgeable and reliable. Girls ...
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Share Do we need to hold traditional values?
2017-6-18 17:50
By Ren Hong Regarding to traditional values, people are more concerned about belief, ethical norms, duty, tolerance and sacrifice. People take traditional values as the principle to define and judge others’ behaviors and attitude. Most of us hold traditional values, because they are the baseline of the moral or immoral. If we need to solve by legal means, traditional values only have minimum impact to the judge and prosecutor. It all comes down to the long history ...
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Share Live in cosmopolitan city or small city?
2017-6-18 16:44
Ren Hong I have been Beijing almost 11 years. I beloved this city. As a cosmopolitan city, there are multi-cultural atmosphere and competitive work environment. People who live this city have liberal attitude and enlightened mindedness. I used to live ina small city. It’s better than county and town, but the public facilities are still behind the times. People are conservative and friendly. I prefer living in cosmopolitan cities. Take Beijing as an example. I like to s ...
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Share Adrenaline rushing, heart pounding
2017-6-18 11:09
By Ren Hong I am so excited about extreme sports. I always imagine that I can fly in the sky and jump from a mountain like a kite. In the modern times, people are more likely to challenge themselves by doing extreme sports. It’s a test for your courage, confidence and wisdom. There are different kinds of extreme sports for people to choose and play. In general, they don’t need to practice for a kind of extreme sports. Once they decided to join in the activity, theinstructor will teach ...
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Share How to give a presentation?
2017-6-17 10:23
By Ren Hong To give a brilliant presentation, many people come up with constructive suggestions. There are some key features for all of us to deliver a good presentation. First of all, one point to consider is that use template, which can be used for work report, graduation, wedding, birthday, farewell and recruitment. Choose a model you like and match the theme of your speech. Next, be familiar with the environment and location where you should give a presentation. M ...
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Share An announcement of corporate restructuring
2017-6-16 09:03
By Ren Hong I’m aware of the bankrupt news that have been going around the office in the recent weeks. I wanted to say something sooner but, my hands were tied and It wasn’t really possible to make any announcements. However, corporate restructuring have been finalized, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. That’s the time for all employees to think about the solutions and the problems. First off, I think everyone will be happy to hear that, despite what you might ...
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Share Be more energetic under subhealthy environment
2017-6-16 01:21
By Ren Hong Nowadays, the modern people always feel uncomfortable and stressful under subhealthy environment. There are several reasons can be used to explain this problem. But the main reason is imbalanced work and life. One point to consider is that most of the employees are lack of morale in the workplace, they can not focus on the job, because they didn’t solve the problems around their family members. For instance, they need crèche facilities for caring their kids and game center to re ...
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  • Alien combats with the humans, who wins? 2017-6-20 20:38

    I dont like the look of Sigourney Weaver She looks like a cranky dude. Even with hair. How on earth did she become a popular actor? It does not make any sense at all.

  • Technology makes your life more colorful 2017-6-20 09:17

    Right, people's life are full of technologies. It is impossible for most people to live without technologic products such as computer, smart phone...

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