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Share Public speaking enhance the ability of leadership
renhong 2017-7-31 06:10
Ren Hong Public speaking is the best way to express opinion and attract more listeners in a few minutes. Audience is always impressed and instigated by infectious speaker even though they have never met this speaker before. Leadership plays a major role for a person who wants to be a leader. A powerful and persuasive speech can leave a profound impact to the listeners. Moreover, it inspires people to follow your policy and political statement. To shape leadership, you had bett ...
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Share Saying Go Away politely
renhong 2017-7-31 05:41
Ren Hong Saying “Go away” is to force and threat somebody to leave without any possibilities to stay for a longer time. Go away is not a polite phrase to ask somebody leave. One situation is that somebody breaks into other people’s space, or doing something that is not good. The behaviors hurt the owners or the elders. People may say Go Away in extremely rude way. Another situation is that some people are arrogant and assertive because of the faults and misbehaviors. People ...
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Share Chinese connects the world
renhong 2017-7-20 00:21
Ren Hong Distinguished Experts, Friends from the Media, Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to be here at the International Chinese School, a bridge of connection between China and the world, and attend the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute in New York. On behalf of China, I would like to offer our congratulations on the successful opening of the Chinese education, extend our thanks to the New York city for its thoughtful consideration and cooperation, ...
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Share Finite world and infinite dream
renhong 2017-7-19 10:18
Finite world and infinite dream
Ren Hong Inception is an American movie, which is directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2010. This movie combined the features of action, adventure, thriller and sci-fi together. Looking back to the theme of this movie, a thief, Dom Cobb acted by Leonardo DiCaprio is an espionage, whose duty is to steal corporate secrets by using dream-sharing technology. He accepted a new task that is an inverse task, Cobb needs to plant an idea into the mind of a CEO who is a boss’ ...
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Share Getting water from the desert
renhong 2017-7-10 11:39
Have you ever tried to get water from the desert? Who can be the successful person to get water from the desert? Let’s analyze the possibilities and risks. Getting water from the desert means achieving a goal that seems like an impossible task for most of the people. In fact, you did it and beyond the imagination. In the reality life, people called it dream that is a difficult task to achieve under the limited conditions. How can you get it? In what situation you get it successfully? Life ...
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Share Organize a party
renhong 2017-6-28 19:55
Ren Hong Today I’m so happy to be here. There are all young parents and students. For all of us, we should know how to organize a party in order to celebrate different festivals, host company parties and family gatherings. I’m going to demonstrate the steps to organize a party. A successful party can demonstrate your ability and courage, also, help you develop your communication skills. I wish all attendees can grasp the skills to hold a family party and annual meeting. To organize a succ ...
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Share Surveilling students in schools, is it appropriate?
renhong 2017-6-27 13:32
Ren Hong It was reported that more than 70% of Chinese schools had surveilled students by installing cameras in the schools. The parents said that it interferes the students privacy and cause negative impacts to student’s performance. The board of the schools said that it is beneficial for the administrator to manage and supervise the students. In my view, there are advantages and disadvantages about surveilling students in schools. One good aspect is that it’s helpful for schools ...
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Share What kind of movie do you like to watch?
renhong 2017-6-27 10:52
Ren Hong As a popular activity, watching movie is the best way to relax and know a different culture in 120 minutes. During the limited time, the audience can experience culture shock and interesting plot. The director would like to choose the script that is created by renowned screenwriter. Also, adapting screen is an appropriate way to find good story. There are various movie genres, romance, chick flick, thriller, horror, western, war, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, animation, d ...
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Share 150th Canada Day Fair! Happy Birthday!
renhong 2017-6-26 17:07
150th Canada Day Fair! Happy Birthday!
Ren Hong To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, 150th Canada Day Fair was held in Canadian International School in Beijing on June 26, 2017. From 11am-5pm, the guests and the organizers enjoyed outdoor activities, live music, cooking demonstrations, real ice rink, prizes, skating, food and wine. It was the biggest Canadian party that special offered by Canada China Business Council. Destination Canada hosted a live stream of the Fair on its official Sina Weibo. It was a sunn ...
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Share Clear a tough hurdle, deal with difficult situation
renhong 2017-6-24 07:28
By Ren Hong In the recent months, I was preparing for my final exam. I was hoping for a A, but maybe a B. I was failed in the last exam. The history ruined me. I knew I wasn’t going to come out on top there, but I reviewed the course for months prepping for it and I was praying for at least a B. All came to nothing in the end. I know I had been working very hard on this examination. But it’s still a real setback. I want to apply for a fully fees-paid scholarship I was hoping for is now o ...
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