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The prospect of the Doctoral study

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With the development of the changeable time, people have to pursue a higher degree, master or PhD. It seems like an essential step to live a better life. What's the prospect of the doctoral study? I guess that many of us concern about a well-paid job and financial independence in the long term. Furthermore, it's a vital tipping point in our whole life to break the changeless life.

I truely believe that the doctoral study is beneficial for us to become a professional worker in the specific field. We will have improved the ability of doing research and working with a team as a leader by the end of the doctoral study. Actually, we will have been studied for 16 years in total by then. In three or four years, we are researching and writing for the project and the PhD thesis. We must think about the best result and the worst consequence. As we were doing research, the others got promotion in the company. When we climbed to the top of the mountain, the times was changing. But if we continue doing research after we graduated from the university, we'll be meeting the amazing future.

To become a knowledgeable person, we need to read more professional books in the domain and take part in more academic meetings. Doing doctoral research based on the existing achievements will help you form your own academic perspective and theories. Frankly speaking, the communication skill is also a crucial factor for PhD students to achieve their academic goal. Cooperation and independence are two important aspects that we should focus on during the process of doctoral study.

In conclusion, a Chinese old saying annotates the doctoral study well, that is "Wealth and beauty can be gained through diligent study." If you can devote yourself into the doctoral study, you will succeed in the field.

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Reply Report SEARU 2018-1-9 21:46
Needless to say doctor-degree is admirable. But in China too many students are good at learning book-knowledge while having little practical ability and real interest in lessons! The content of your this writing should have contained much of your own points of view!

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