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Public speaking enhance the ability of leadership

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Ren Hong


Public speaking is the best way to express opinion and attract more listeners in a few minutes. Audience is always impressed and instigated by infectious speaker even though they have never met this speaker before. Leadership plays a major role for a person who wants to be a leader. A powerful and persuasive speech can leave a profound impact to the listeners. Moreover, it inspires people to follow your policy and political statement.


To shape leadership, you had better improve public speaking skills. The only way is practice, practice and practice. In addition, the speakers’ personality will determine the final effect. Other factors consist of the way of training, themes, techniques, environment and interaction. Western countries take public speaking as an essential course for all students to learn. It’s useful for teenagers to cultivate an optimistic personality. On the contrary, most of Asian students haven’ t got more chances to practice. It results in many negative impacts, autism, clinical depression, drop out, hazing and other problems.


Taking into account that the negative and positive impacts of public speaking, we had better take on-the-job training to improve public speaking skills in the long run. Except for the basic and necessary skills, we need to keep confidence and stay calm, in the meantime, we should keep passion in order to deliver an attractive and powerful speech.


Speaking of speakers for public speech, we have to talk about the audience. Nowadays, most of the audiences are knowledgeable and skillful. They all will be the speaks on the stage. They ought to consider the same question as well as the speaks who are giving a speech right now. Both audience and speaker will exchange the roles. In my personal view, it leads a win-win situation because of thinking about others on their position.


To prepare and give a successful public speech, not only did we practice to write script and practice writing and speaking skills, but also we should concern about the relevant factors all the time. I am a firm believer that if someone is succeed in public speech, he will be closer to a honorable life a big step.


For without successful public speaking, there is no powerful leadership.

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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-11-6 17:10
As my job requires, I have to make presentations in meetings, conferences, and seminars pretty often. Sometimes, I do feel unnerved when I am about to tread the boards, especially when I feel I haven't been well prepared. My boss once tried to calm me down when he witnessed the jitters I was having just before getting onto the stage, just by saying "all the members of the audience are just blockheads and retarded fools, and whatever you say, they just won't be able to understand it." It worked like a charm, and I immediately felt relaxed.  lol

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