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Organize a party

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Ren Hong

Today I’m so happy to be here. There are all young parents and students. For all of us, we should know how to organize a party in order to celebrate different festivals, host company parties and family gatherings. I’m going to demonstrate the steps to organize a party.
A successful party can demonstrate your ability and courage, also, help you develop your communication skills. I wish all attendees can grasp the skills to hold a family party and annual meeting.

To organize a successful party. You ought to know your audience, and do a survey about their interests, education background, marital status, property, job, children. Then arrange a detailed party plan.

A considerate party plan should include the number of the guests, the budget of the party, the activities, music, live band, the prizes, food and drinks, dress code, and the emergent aid. After that, you need to confirm the details of each step-buy stuff people need to use at the party, send invitation emails to each guest, prepare for the gifts, rent the place and decorate it, rehearse activities with members, plan for the best and worst situation. Finally, make an activity list and recheck the arrangement again.

On the day of party, give a welcoming speech, introduce all guests and let them get to know each other in a few seconds. Start the party by playing ice breaking games, do activities  and distribute materials for people to make cakes, cocktails, do paintings, and other things. During that time, people can have a lucky drawn and get gifts with team members. If it is a Graduation party, invite the leading graduates to give a speech, more importantly, don’t forget to invite their family members,  teachers and classmates. If there are many new friends joining the party, prepare for small topics and try to avoid culture shocks between the local people and the visitors. By the end of the party, say thank you to all guests, and express your hope to see them again.


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Reply Report Kevinfly 2017-6-30 10:19
Most people just say that you need to prepare well, know the audience and so on. But you list all the details of how to organise a party. nice.

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