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150th Canada Day Fair! Happy Birthday!

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Ren Hong


To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, 150th Canada Day Fair was held in Canadian International School in Beijing on June 26, 2017. From 11am-5pm, the guests and the organizers enjoyed outdoor activities, live music, cooking demonstrations, real ice rink, prizes, skating, food and wine. It was the biggest Canadian party that special offered by Canada China Business Council. Destination Canada hosted a live stream of the Fair on its official Sina Weibo.


It was a sunny and hot day. At the beginning of the party, Canadian Ambassador to China, John McCallum gave a warm opening ceremony speech. Three popular bands, Hot Club of Beijing, Ember Swift, Nancy and the Fantastic performed classical and fantastic music on the stage. Hot Club of Beijing is the China’s premier gypsy jazz ensemble. This band brought superb music that mixed gyspy waltzes and fiery Latin styles. Ember Swift’s performance combined folk-rock, swing, R&B, funk, pop and blues. Nancy and the Fantastic released their passion and drive the audience crazy, they danced and sang the song with the cheerful music.


Cooking demons are also quite amazing. Three chefs who came from high-grade hotels shown how the people can cook delicious seafood (Canadian Capelin, Canadian beef, Canadian lobster) at home. Around 3pm, People celebrated Canada's birthday and shared a huge birthday cake., Appin Cross Fine Foods and Clearwater Seafood sponsored the cooking demos.


Most of the guests sat on the chairs under the sunshades, some of them walked around the school and tasted traditional Canadian food or watched fabulous performances. Ambassador McCallum helped the ice hockey team kick off, ate the tastiest Canadian ice cream, visited each food and products booth, talked with players, coaches and guests. The ebullient people took photos with ambassador and the musicians. People can scan QR code of AirCanada and draw a lottery.


Canadian International School in Beijing offters the outstanding education from kindergarten, primary school to high school for non-Chinese nationality students whose age in range of 18 months to 18 years old. Hong Kong students can apply for this school. I am so impressed about the education system, they advocate a natural teaching and learning attitude. There are excellent teaching facilities and online resources can be used for students. The students have chances to participate in various events and get to know the social etiquettes. Also, they are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities and social with distinguished guests. The curriculum system consists of Montessori, International Diploma, IB (PYP, MYP, IBDP), Canadian NB high school curriculum.


The ceremony has the typical Canadian style. The Canadian people are hospitable and easygoing. I really enjoy the party, people join the activities with their family members and friends. Almost 60 different companies and organizations participating this event. I am so pleased to attend the 150th Canada Day anniversary celebration. Happy 150th Canada Day!


Ambassador John McCallum give an opening speech. Photo/Ren Hong

A photo with Ambassador John McCallum in front of the main stage.

Ambassador John McCallum and sponsors cut birthday cake. Photo/Ren Hong

Live band Ember Swift. Photo/ Ren Hong

Live Band Nancy and the Fantastic. Photo/ Ren Hong

Two ice hockey coaches. Photo/ Ren Hong

Closing Ceremony. Photo/ Ren Hong

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Reply Report Drkyle 2017-7-2 02:38
the doctor who sacrificed his life for China's resistance against the Japanese aggression of China more than half a century ago.)
Canada is never known for its food, isn't it? But it's got to have something unusual, given its abundant natural resources in almost every respect.

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