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Adrenaline rushing, heart pounding

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By Ren Hong

I am so excited about extreme sports. I always imagine that I can fly in the sky and jump from a mountain like a kite. In the modern times, people are more likely to challenge themselves by doing extreme sports. It’s a test for your courage, confidence and wisdom. There are different kinds of extreme sports for people to choose and play. In general, they don’t need to practice for a kind of extreme sports. Once they decided to join in the activity, the instructor will teach them how to use equipment and how to master the simple techniques in a few minutes.


It’s not an easy and comfortable job. Because most people feel frightened about the extreme sports. They had to quit at the moment of starting to do it. I have experienced Paragliding and scuba diving. I am not a thrill seeker. I just expect to experience different feelings. I wore the airfoil canopy and practiced to use control devices in 10 minutes. Because of a lot of tourists are in the line. I was afraid of flying in the sky. I think I am not a type of person who deliberately looks for exciting situations or special experiences. But I have to stay calm and show no sign of fear or stress in scary circumstances. I was flying about 15 minutes. I watched the small forest, lake, snow mountains and lanes from the height of 3000 meters. It appears as if a castle in the fairy tales. I felt a surge of energy and excitement that in my body when I taking the risky and scary activity. It really makes adrenaline flowing. The weather is warm and sunny. I felt my life flashed before my eyes. Finally, it freaked me out. If we want to see more invincible scenery, we should up to the higher layer, but I was nervous about the heights and the wind. So that I landed quickly.


I want to get into the great outdoors and enjoy fresh air, clean water, beautiful nature and interesting but adventure sport with my friends. I wish to challenge free running, sky diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping and wing suit flying in the coming year. I like the feeling of sweating profusely and heart pounding. I think I have nerves of steel. Therefore, I'm positive that I can do more extreme sports.


However, some challengers are very reckless. They suffered dangerous accidents during the sport. One point to consider is that extreme sports is not a safe sport, there is no guarantee. Nobody can take responsibility for your life. So that we should prepare for the sport and practice to control the equipment. Another thing would be that the process of sport, it’s better for us to enjoy the sport by taking photos and changing the direction of flying to see different views. We should make sure that we are safe and enjoyable in the sport.


Extreme sports are quite beneficial for people to challenge themselves and do something they aren’t dare to do or have no chance to do. After the challenging sport, I believe that you must look forward to joining next type of extreme sport. You can cultivate your personality and become much stronger and more brave.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-6-19 09:05
What about rollerblading. Nobody seems to rollerblade these days. Rollerblading is extreme.

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