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Ren Hong 

The recommendation of choosing hotel is easy, just focus on location, price and features. For businessmen, the location is the most important factor, the hotel should be right downtown. Moreover, It should near the airport or train station, close to shopping malls and coffee shop. Some people like doing exercise every day. They will ask for a hotel that has a great fitness center, a swimming pool, a business center, and free wireless internet. The room rates should be reasonable.

For tourists, they prefer the hotels that are right on the ocean, beach and mountains. The rooms are cozy and nice. They can walk from the room to the beach, riverside and the foot of the mountains. The decoration of hotels should be clean and modern. The food is delicious. 

Don’t forget to make a reservation. Normally, there are single room, double room, smoking room and nonsmoking room. Confirm the bed sizes-one large bed for a couple, or two smaller beds for two people. How much do you need to pay? For how many people? How many nights do you need to stay? The date of checking in and checking out of the hotel. What’s the rate a night? Be sure to ask the details about the hotel. Make sure it's all set.

Remember to bring the passport, credit card, room key card, suitcase and other personal belongings before you check in and check out. The hotel clerk will tell you the total amount. The bill comes to $400. You should ask for the detailed information and review the bill. Does it plus room service? Maybe it seems high. Keep the receipt. Tell the front desk something that make you feel uncomfortable such as noisy sound, cold shower and dirty towels. 

I recommend you choose an eco-friendly hotel. The price could be a little higher, but it’s worthy to experience. 

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