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What's your apartment like?

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Ren Hong

I have a beautiful house. That’s a pretty big apartment. There are three bedrooms, two living rooms, two balconies, two garages, two bathrooms, a dining room, a lovely yard, two modern kitchens,  a fireplace, a mailbox and a swimming pool.

Let me tell you the features of my apartment. Each room has big windows in different color. There are comfortable sofa and retro carpets in the living room. There are dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. The bedroom is painted pink. The living room is painted blue. The study room has a lot of light. My apartment is always clean and safe. But there are some problems. It's noisy and far from the city center.

Let me give a tour of my apartment. There is a ballroom over there. I like dancing. I always have a cocktail party or a masquerade party on the Sunday night. This is a cinema, you can watch classic movie here with family members on the weekend. Here’s the tennis court. You can play tennis with your business partner after work. This is painting room. I can put these art works over there. You can put a TV here and watch Art channel.

I like my apartment. Although there is not many furniture and appliances, but it’s comfortable and nice. Also, there are good and bad points about homes. The good points are that we can have a BBQ party in the yard in the summer. In the winter, we can make snowman and play sports and activities. I love old buildings, I always decorate my house two times a year. Change the curtains and handcrafts on the bookshelf, put a new painting on the wall, put cute cushions on the sofa, pay more attention to the Fengshui of the house.

Apartment for rent. Apartment comes furnished. No pets. Have a look yourself. It’s close to the subway. You can decorate it with your favorite style. 

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    A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

  • Saying hello and introducing yourself 2017-2-26 22:48

    People don't answer with 'Fine, thanks. And you?' - that is straight from a text book, not real life.
    nor should you ask for someone's phone number or email address when you just meet them - they might not want to speak to you again (they don't know you well enough for that). A person will choose if they want to keep in contact, and might give you this much later in a conversation.

    Asking for personal information, especially from a foreigner, is not a good idea, especially in the work-place.
    People like to keep work and private life separate.

    Maybe what you have written is considered appropriate between Chinese people, but not for foreigners.
    Please respect us by not being too intrusive.

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