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Where do you want to live?

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Ren Hong

Where do you want to live? It seems like a popular topic. The location of your house will play an important role in your life. You like huge library, first rank hospital, train station, exotic restaurant, post office, pizza place, delicious bakery, subway station, banks, universities, playground, coffee shop, movie theater, central park, stadiums, museums and all convenient public facilities. You just need to choose the best location that you really want to live and near all of these places.

Why don’t we go to the swimming pool? How about going to the museum? I bet that if you have to spend 2-3 hours to go to these places, you definitely decide to play a game of cards at home. The distance is a problem. Sometimes we will lose a lot of fun, because we could not keep enough patience and passion to go to these places. Supposing you want to go for a walk in the park in the weekend morning, but there is no any parks around your expensive house which located in the suburb areas, your life will be plain and boring.

Actually, there are several public transportation for people to choose. You can go by plane, boat, taxi, car, train, bus, subway and bike. Or maybe you can walk to work every day, if your apartment is near the company. 

Some people say that both of them have pros and cons. In fact, in modern city, compare with the fresh air and spacious house, I think the convenient transportation and facilities are more important. Also, you can save time to do morning exercises or arrive at your office earlier.

If you live in the city center, you don't need to drive your car, just take bus and subway, you can go to everywhere in the city. You don’t need to bear the terrible traffic jam. During the rush hour, it’s hard to find a parking lot. If somebody asks you the transportation routine, you can give clear guide. First, take the number 9 bus to the subway station. Get on subway Line 11. Get off at the second stop. Change to bus number 8 there. Get off at Green Street. You will find the art gallery. It’s near the park, on the corner of Royal Street and Queen Street. It takes about 40 minutes.

I want to live in a great neighborhood with convenient public facilities.

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    A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

  • Saying hello and introducing yourself 2017-2-26 22:48

    People don't answer with 'Fine, thanks. And you?' - that is straight from a text book, not real life.
    nor should you ask for someone's phone number or email address when you just meet them - they might not want to speak to you again (they don't know you well enough for that). A person will choose if they want to keep in contact, and might give you this much later in a conversation.

    Asking for personal information, especially from a foreigner, is not a good idea, especially in the work-place.
    People like to keep work and private life separate.

    Maybe what you have written is considered appropriate between Chinese people, but not for foreigners.
    Please respect us by not being too intrusive.

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