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The proposals for two sessions in 2017

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Ren Hong

The two sessions is approaching soon. To build a harmonious society, we should think about several proposals in order to improve people’s living conditions.

First, update the individual information in the public system and provide more convenient service for people.
Second, make policies for special people, such as disabled people, divorced people, orphans and retired people, give them life guarantee and opportunities to enjoy life and contribute to the country.
Third, focus on the new technology and use the latest technology to produce products and let people get a comfortable life.
Fourth, suggest cancelling the entrance exam for primary school, middle school, and university. All people can choose their favorite majors to improve themselves and learn skills. Not depend on scores, just depend on interest.
Fifth, give equal martial leave for both man and woman. Leave sufficient time for parents to raise baby.
Sixth, build a flexible system for all people to get promotion, accelerate social mobility and decrease the amount of poverty people.
Seventh, support young people to start up their own business. Do the government’s best to eliminate the barriers and discriminations, and create a suitable environment for them.
Eighth, encourage young people work in the community on the weekend and make volunteer job easier than before.
Ninth, exposure the injustice phenomenon, and prevent the violent behaviors.
Tenth, establish pension system and cover both city and rural areas.
Eleventh, decrease the amount of professional student. It’s a good way to train qualified workers, but it will make the process of development of society become slower.
Twelfth, housing price should be decreased and provide subsidized houses for people. 

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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-23 11:29
thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report SEARU 2017-2-23 15:54
I think your forth suggestion is wonderful that maybe workable! In my writings, I have point out that the biggest problem in our education is something is wrong with our expressing way and writing style!
Reply Report SEARU 2017-2-23 15:58
One proposal is enough and that must be expressed in detailed way!
Reply Report GhostBuster 2017-2-23 22:58
Some of the issues could not have solutions. Reason is social problems do overtake policies intended to be implemented. This is something more than difficult. Fortunately, effort must be put in to try solve them. Challenge for social science is to anticipate if possible. No safety net lasts forever. No single formula or policy will solve the problem. Try and try! Life is a long process of correction, through perseverance it continues!
Reply Report Q12Tick 2017-3-21 14:18
A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

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