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Saying hello and introducing yourself

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Ren Hong

When you first meet somebody, you should say Hello and introduce yourself. After saying hello, give names and ask for others’ names. Then, introduce yourself. For Chinese and foreigners, they should ask how to spell their names, because the spelling is totally different, even make a letter wrong, it will be a new name. When you spell your name, be sure to say each letter clearly. More importantly, don’t forget to ask for a telephone number or cellphone number. Exchanging phone numbers is an important step for people to keep in touch.

Every day, we should greet with people with Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Good night. When you see somebody in a formal situation, like in an office, in the bank, you use How are you? to greet, and respond to the greeting Fine, thanks. And you? Or I’m good. When you say Good bye to others, you had better say Have a nice day! And give your best wishes.

In order to get a further conversation, we can talk about small topics, such as office, school, weather and so on. At lunchtime, you can show your colleagues around and tell your personal information. This is my desk. It’s meeting room. It’s my computer. How old are you? There are 40 employees in our company. There are a few armchairs in the meeting room. There are some laptop computers in the small office. These questions can help you to build a good relationship with your colleagues.

When you talk with some friends. You can talk about hometown. And ask detailed information about buildings and places around their hometowns. When you introduce others informally, you should give general information about them, like name, nationality, hobbies and job. For close friends, they can chat about families, describe a family member and ask what a member looks like. If you meet people at a networking event, talk about job, company, whether or not like your job, wife and husband. You had better give positive comments about others’ personality, family and job, like That’s interesting! 

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Reply Report BlondeAmber 2017-2-26 22:48
People don't answer with 'Fine, thanks. And you?' - that is straight from a text book, not real life.
nor should you ask for someone's phone number or email address when you just meet them - they might not want to speak to you again (they don't know you well enough for that). A person will choose if they want to keep in contact, and might give you this much later in a conversation.

Asking for personal information, especially from a foreigner, is not a good idea, especially in the work-place.
People like to keep work and private life separate.

Maybe what you have written is considered appropriate between Chinese people, but not for foreigners.
Please respect us by not being too intrusive.

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