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Share Child behave Mature; Parents behave Childish
2016-4-12 22:40
Child behave Mature; Parents behave Childish
A famous proverb saying, “ God’s and Children’s nature is same.” Apart from the three special characters of children (how to be busy always; how to be happy without reason; how to demand for things), we can add another one as they are out of box thinkers, because they are not constrained by time and boundaries. While either be a neighbor or a classmate, small skirmish often arises but no world organization needs to compromise them. No one have a able to scales what th ...
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Share Journey on Qing Ming Festival!
2016-4-4 23:06
“Dear daddy may your soul rest in peace. When you with us, I had been enjoyed a lot. You left me alone in this stranded world but you educated how to stand and face the life as it is. My work is going well. I don’t know how to fill the emptiness in home which was creating by your demise. However life has to go on. I miss you a lot. Bye dad.” This was one of many chants from a man who runs at his 50, I heard in a graveyard on 4th April, Qing Ming festival in Beijing. What centu ...
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Share Arrested by our self!
2015-12-30 20:09
“What is the use of this electric power; better we would live in the darkness at least few more days,” this voice was not originated from conservative or aged people but school child. ‘Why he raised such an annoyed question?’ ‘Was his concern has real significance?’ ‘Yes. It has.’ Likewise the hot discussion goes in viral next few days. But, at the end of the day what happens? The reason for his concern: Recently one of the southern state cities in India was severely ...
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Share We received what we need
2015-11-29 18:43
“We received what we need”. This phrase may be misinterpret or misunderstand. The optimist people think as positive, on contrary pessimist thinks as negative. Every time, people were searching something new which they really no need. But, what I receiving right now in my life is exactly match the above phrase. This instance remind myself the then my HOD Nasira’s quotes “God never give something which you really don’t need”. Right now, what i am receiving is really unexpected oc ...
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Share Rule-->Compulsion-->Work(s)
2015-11-2 20:14
Except human other living beings are fly high in their un-dictated life. But humans have a sixth sense and rationalized everything which he encountered. He knows the straight line will lead him to reach right destination but he choose the short cut. He created every law for regulate the society; he only erred the law and find the loop whole in it. He draws the progress life chart in right hand; also erasing that in left hand simultaneously. At the beginning of human ori ...
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Share New language Enter us into new world
2015-10-18 18:53
As we all know that language is a communication tool. Most of us not use this tool as effective. In the earth, every human being has their own mother tongue. Without gave more effects, we learn one language by nature through home and environment where we living. But, due to globalization, one language is enough for survival? Most people say “no”. Learning the second language is not easy as what we think. For which, we need the right environment. Not only language; for learn ...
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Share Tamil song lures Chinese lad’s heart!
2015-10-16 10:14
Music has wonderful power which lures anyone irrespective of their nationality and language. There is no boundary for music’s. It’s just like an air. Nobody can stop it. When i visit to entry and exit immigration office in Beijing for collect my passport, one scene astonished me. That’s why people often insist us, instead sit in room; if we stroll down the streets, we may get new experience. No one knows which scene will turn our life; one out of ten will have information to us. ...
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Share Hidden Treasures
2015-10-11 15:25
Hidden Treasures
Mostly, human life just relies in the race of finding the treasures. In the race, most of them do not know which treasures will exit longer and which one will offer a satisfaction in life. Famous American Author Mitch Albom’s ‘Tuesday with morrie’ novel, he quotes his professor words “Don’t give more heed on materialistic things”. It’s true. Human desires on materialistic things are often change. So those things are never give a pleasure to us. We were swayed by those non-sense b ...
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Share Journalist: Writing with pen under the sword
2015-10-8 21:03
Journalist: Writing with pen under the sword
What is Journalism? I don’t know anything until place my foot on print media. My course of studying stream is totally different form my heart needs. Through some movies, I knew little bit about journalist and his/her work. Although later I found the reality is differing, my heart settled as a reporter cum sub-editor. Somewhat I am trying to spread my twigs in vague field and rationalized the things like how it should not. Almost every professional and ...
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Share The End
2015-9-27 10:56
The word “End” gives us pleasure sometimes and sorrow at other times. It has mixed uses and meanings. No one can assume the time of ending for anything. The philosophical Doyens say an unknown end gives us a meaningful life and the spirit to go on till the end of our lives. If one thinks about why we give more significance and reasons to endings, it is a desperate attempt to spoil life. In any area, our journey drives us on towards the end; because we start from the beginning. There is n ...
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  • Child behave Mature; Parents behave Childish 2016-4-18 10:37

    Oh yes, "play" must be governed by simple rules of acceptable behavior. It baffles me how parents in China allow their children to run around crowded restaurants, climb on things and play in toilets..... and yet claim that children are valuable and must be kept safe.

  • Child behave Mature; Parents behave Childish 2016-4-17 09:19

    One classic example of parents making children misbehave: when they induce their children to climb all over priceless relics or store displays in order to get a cute picture of their kid doing something remarkable. What does that teach the children?

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