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A couple of Chinese idioms are often used to remark social state, or express people’s views about the social governance. For instance, if a society is stable, having a well- functioning government, and people are living safely and harmoniously, we may choose the idiom “政通人和 zhèng tōng rén hé” to praise it. So the idiom is translated as“politically stable and harmonious” or “logical administration and harmonious people”.

The source of the idiom was an well - known ancient prose entitled 《岳阳楼记》(A Panegyric of the Yueyang Tower), written by Fan Zhongyan, an famous statesman and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the essay, he praised the local society using the phrases “政通人和” and “百废俱兴(another idiom, meaning all neglected tasks are being undertaken). 

In addition, another sentence in this essay was also very famous, that is “先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐” , meaning: “to worry before the people worries; to enjoy only after the people can enjoy” or “be the first to show concern and the last to enjoy oneself” or “a leader should plan and worry ahead of the people, and enjoy the fruits after the people”—I don’t know which translation is more accurate.  Until today, these words are still highly regarded , especially among statesmen. And they also make the tower even better known than before.  

The picture here is Yueyang Tower. It lies nearby the Dongting Lake, in the west of Yueyang city, Hunan province. It was listed by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units in 1988. 

While I post this idiom on my blog, US President Donald Trump is arriving China. Welcome you, President, wish you have a pleasant visit in Beijing. Communication and cooperation between the two great countries are a right way for the benefit of both people.

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  • Talking about Idioms (19) 2018-1-9 12:55

    I like this idom especially in winter, as there are a lot of wheat planting in my hometown, western Shandong Province. Auspicious snow can bring a good harvest to the farmers. :)

  • Talking about Idioms (17) 2017-12-29 21:34

    Good luck would become after your failure!

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