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Share The brightest star in night sky
x6174 2017-5-11 11:00
Author: Bruce Chan Date: 2017.4.29 Midnight Whether or not you can hear of the loneliness and sign from the one looking up, the brightest star in night sky? Whether or not you can remember of the shadow once with me fading away in wind. I’m always praying for a pure soul, and a pair of tearful eyes. Bring me the courage of trusting again. Cross deceit line to retake you into arms. Every time I cannot find the meaning of existence, every moment I get lost in darkne ...
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x6174 2015-10-29 11:05
Translated by Bruce Chan 2015/3/9 Midnight New ring still fades in the end. How many years passed? Silently, it’s getting dark. It’s time we collected memories. Any more talking cannot take us back. Anything thereafter doesn’t make any sense, though a clear mind of the days of being with you. For a while after breaking up, I hided far away. Finally, the storm was gone. Slowly I began to get through what I could not before. Now, your unfa ...
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x6174 2015-10-29 11:01
2014-5-3 to 2015-9-21 Translated by Bruce Chan I thought I would cry out, but I didn’t. Just dully watched your steps out, sending my last wishes. Isn’t this a kind of extrication, which makes me see myself clearly, though the torture of no loving will be buried deeply in my soul day and night. I thought I would revenge, but I didn’t. When I saw the man I loved deeply as helpless as a child in front of me, isn’t this a kind of extrication, which mak ...
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Share Quite a While
x6174 2015-7-28 12:24
2015.7.10-2015.7.28 Bruce Chan Quietly come to your city. Walk on the road you came, imagining the days without me. How lonely you were! Hold the photo from you in hands. Familiar with the street, except no your image in my eye. Unable to go back to that day. Would you appear in a sudden, in that coffee bar at the street corner? With smile, simply waved hands to you. Sitting before you, fre ...
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