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Share China's Traffic Violation Penalties Are A Big Joke!
2016-8-11 14:03
China's traffic violation penalties are so light, they don't act as a deterrent at all! For instance, just today on CCTV News, a motorist was chased through busy city streets by a traffic policeman on motorcycle at high speed, weaving in and out of lanes, endangering other road users. The motorist finally stopped at a set of traffic lights, only because his path was blocked by other vehicles waiting at the lights. He was found to be driving without a licence, which was withdrawn bec ...
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Share Government Officials Should Speak 'Putonghua' While On Duty
2016-8-5 16:59
span .=color: rgb(68, 68, 68); font-family: Tahoma, Helvetica, SimSun, sans-serif; line-height: 21px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);China's official language is 'putonghua', but surprisingly, and very disappointingly, many government officials have been seen speaking dialects on national television, CCTV! nbsp;Police officers in Si Chuan and Chongqing for instance, have been seen speaking to CCTV reporters in their local dialects instead of 'putonghua'. nbsp;When they are interviewe ...
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Share What Does It Mean To Have A 5000-Year Old Civilization?
2016-7-31 13:13
China claims to have a civilization of 5000 years old; well and good, few would dispute that. However, that claim stands out in stark contrast with the social behavior of its people, a behavior which is anything but civilized! Many foreigners have personal encounters with their behavior as well as seen it played out on national television. The Chinese don't obey their nation's laws, rules and regulations, be it tarffic laws, pollution laws, food safety laws, etc. For ...
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Share China's Food Safety Concern
2016-7-3 12:44
The NPC Standing Committee has just reviewed the the food safety situation in China after the implementation of the food safety law in October last year. The report card makes for poor reading, with red ink all over. There are still many areas that fall short of the law. For instance, the use of 'gutter oil', made from food leftovers collected from restaurants, is still prevalent, and a major concern for consumers. Others include the misuse of pesticides in farming, arti ...
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Share The Chinese Are Ashamed Of Their Chinese Names
2016-7-1 11:43
Many Chinese, especially those of the younger generation, are ashamed of their Chinese names, and when they have learned their ABC, they change their names to Western ones. That is a puzzle to many foreigners. Chinese parents go to great lengths to choose a name for their children; they consult the almanac and ensure that all the essential elements of earth, fire and water are in the names, because they want the best for their children, but little do their know that their childre ...
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Share Don't Blame The Dog Eaters, Blame The Dog Owners!
2016-6-28 18:27
The huge number of stray dogs in Chinese cities is the result of irresponsible dog owners abandoning their pets after they have had a good time with them.Many Chinese parents buy dogs for their kids to play with.After a while the kids abandon their pets for the more fun internet games.These dogs end up as strays, scavenging in rubbish heaps, attacking and terrorizing people young and old, being a public nuisance.They are also rabies carriers, a pub ...
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Share David Cameron Gambled and Lost!
2016-6-25 11:57
So the British people have spoken, and UK is leaving the EU.Their decision sent shockwaves throughout the world, sending stocks and currency markets into turmoil! The man who is responsible for all this is UK PM David Cameron.To save his own skin and ensure re-election and to placate his restive backbenchers he promised them a referendum, a huge gamble.He got re-elected but lost everything, including his job, upon the referendum. A leader is elected ...
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Share Foreigners Caught In Drug Bust!
2016-6-23 12:04
Recently, Guangzhou customs and police arrested a number of foreigners involved in drug trafficking. Two Africans passing through customs raised the suspicion of alert officers.Their hand carry bags looked innocent enough, but upon questioning, their nervous behavior raised the alarm; they were put through X-ray, and lo and behold, their stomachs and guts were packed with drugs wrapped into small balls.They were immediately arrested and sent to hospital for gut clearan ...
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2016-6-17 11:53
There is a storm brewing in the forum thread, 'How do you like Foreign Minister's outburst towards Canadian reporter.' FM Wang's outburst should be seen in the right perspective.He is, after all, human and, faced with the constant, repetitive and vexatious barrage of questioning by foreign reporters on the same stale issue of China's human rights, often without regard to the huge progress made in that area, he reacted in the most natural way! Anyone in his shoes would ...
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Share A Nation Going Deaf!
2016-6-13 13:41
Yesterday, CCTV ran a program highlighting the huge number of Chinese with serious hearing impairment, and many are around 18 years old. These people spend a lot of time walking around with earphones plugged to their ears, listening either to music or movies, and because the surrounding is very noisy, they have to turn up the volume above the danger levels, damaging their hearing even more. China is indeed a very noisy country; there is very lot noise wherever one goes, and the situati ...
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      • Government Officials Should Speak 'Putonghua' While On Duty 2017-4-18 20:04

        In reality, the government officials might not all have been schooled in mandarin, especially for the older ones.
        Do all the officials in the US speak with the same so-called General American accent? Have you never heard the twang of the southerners on US TV channels when interviews are conducted between reporters and government officials? I bet not.

      • The Chinese Are Ashamed Of Their Chinese Names 2017-4-18 19:25

        To some extend, it is true that some people think it fashionable to have a western name, but in most cases, the western names they have are just an extra name like a moniker for fun, and they would not discard their original Chinese names, which are still the only valid names on their ID cards and passports.
        Most Chinese employees of foreign companies with operations in China are usually required to adopt a western name similar to an alias or stage name, that will be officially registered in the company's roster electronically,  just for internal communication's sake (Chinese names are sometimes too hard for the foreign co-workers to pronounce.) However, to my knowledge, more and more new recruits of those companies, particularly the millennials, reject this requirement outright, and insist on calling them Gu Tao, Xiao Yu, Ling Xu, etc.
        Things are changing.

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