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Many Chinese Have Become Rich Before They Have Become Civilized!

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The Reform and Opening Up Policy has opened the door to many Chinese to get rich quick, and some became extremely rich!  But their newfound wealth has not made them behave any better than their poorer compatriots!   The rich, with access to modern gadgets, tools and machines, but without the civliized mentality,  is a public nuisance and a danger to society.   Whereas previously they rode around on bicycles, today, they zoom around in fast cars, beating redlights, driving against the flow of traffic, failing to give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings, parking their cars on pedestrian walkways, obstructing pedestrians and forcing them onto the dangerous roads, etc.  
They can now afford expensive alcohol, and they drink till drunk, and hop into their cars to drive under the influence of alcohol, risking the lives and limps of other road users!   And that's not all, they throw garbage out their vehicles such as cigarette butts, cigarette packs, drinks bottles and even spit out the window! 
And the rich can afford to live in luxury highrise apartments, but they continue to behave like their poorer cousins, raining all sorts of dirty litter from above, often with litter landing on those walking on the ground below.  Highrise killer litter is very common, resulting in serious injuries and even deaths!
While the Chinese in the past had barely enough to feed themselves and their families, today they even have the money to feed expensive dogs, imitating people in the West.  But unlike the responsible dogowners of the West who leave their pets at entrances to shops and supermarkets, the irresponsible Chinese dogowners take their pets into shops and supermarkets, breaking public health laws which forbid it!   And nowadays, they take their antisocial behavior to greater heights, taking their filthy dogs and cats, together with their ordour and fleas onboard airlines, being a nuisance to other passengers.
And horrors, they even beat up public servants such as doctors, nurses, policemen, chengguan, airlines staff, security guards, etc!
Today, the rich Chinese can afford smart phones into which they shout loudly in public, and watch movies onboard the planes without using earphones, being a nuisance to people near them.
Until and unless the Chinese have learnt to be civil, their rights and privileges in public should be restricted!   For instance, airlines should not provide them with wifi facilities onboard, nor allow them to take pets into the passenger cabins!
Every holiday season millions of Chinese, who now can afford highspeed train and airline tickets,  flock to scenic spots and leave behind tonnes of garbage for the poor cleaners to clean up after them.  Some cleaners even have to abseil down dangerous mountain slopes to recover bags and bags of garbage; others row dinghies out the lakes to recover floating garbage, while still others dive into the lakes to retrieve garbage that has sunk to the bottom!   
And that's not all, the rich Chinese tourists are even destructive; they climb up cherry blossom trees, shake them violently to get the petals to rain down for a good photo shoot, while others trample on flowerbeds, and others pluck flowers off trees, depriving other visitors their enjoyment.
Spring Festival is round the corner, and the ugly face of the Chinese tourists would again manifest itself for the world to see and to scorn at!

The list of uncivilized, antisocial behavior of the Chinese is endless.  And because they are now rich enough to take overseas holidays, they carry their antisocial behavior with them overseas, making a nuisance of themselves, and bringing shame to heir motherland!
One can't help but wonder why a people who claim to have a 5000-year old civilization behind them, behave in such uncivilized manner!

The wealthy Chinese billionaires and millionaires, who have benefited enormously from the Reform and Opening Up Policy, should set aside a portion of their wealth for educating their fellow compatriots on the finer points of social behavior, and turning them into socially responsible people, worthy of being citizens of the world's second largest economy! 

Sad but true, while the Chinese have a first world economy, they have a third world mentality!   China has all the hardware of a rich, modern society, but unfortunately it lacks the software, the civilized mentality, that must accompany the use of these hardware!   China is a victim of its own success!  A galloping economy and a high GDP alone do not make for a great nation!
It's time for the Chinese Government to act to prevent its citizens tarnishing its image through their uncivilized behavior both at home and abroad!  

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-9 08:37
I didn't read your blog yet but do you honestly believe that the French and American 'elites' that came from libertarian rebellions are civilized? I guess it depends what you mean by civilized. They are certainly not noble are they.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-9 08:38
I still haven't read it. Let's go lower - have you ever seen the show MTV Cribs? Ha.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-9 08:41
OK I read it now. Very good.
Reply Report pnp 2018-2-10 13:16
Thanks, now you know what I mean by being civilized; I meant it as behaving in a socially responsible manner, not as being so cultured and well educated as the nobility; that is not of interest to me, all I ask is that people don't be a public nuisance!

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