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China's Traffic Violation Penalties Are A Big Joke!

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China's traffic violation penalties are so light, they don't act as a deterrent at all!  For instance, just today on CCTV News, a motorist was chased through busy city streets by a traffic policeman on motorcycle at high speed, weaving in and out of lanes, endangering other road users. The motorist finally stopped at a set of traffic lights, only because his path was blocked by other vehicles waiting at the lights.  He was found to be driving without a licence, which was withdrawn because of a previous violation.  Guess what?  He was merely fined 200 yuan!!  What a joke!  Such serious violation, and being caught after a long and dangerous chase, and he was fined a mere pittance, which of course he could easily afford to pay; so where is the deterrent?  And what's worse, he is a repeat offender, which makes his violation doubly more serious!

This sort of penalty regime not only does not deter, on the contrary, it encourages others to offend as the reward far outweighs the penalty!  And this is but one of many serious violation cases given very light and laughable penalties.  In some other cases, a small fine and a few demerit points or a few days in a police cell,  is the norm.  In countries where traffic offences are taken very seriously by the police, the bloke mentioned above would have been thrown in jail to rot for a few years, a lesson he would never forget and he would never re-offend upon release!
It's high time the traffic police get serious and drastically increase the penalties for serious violations to act as an effective deterrent for the safety of all road users, motorists and pedestrians alike!
The traffic police must not take the easy way out by applying administrative penalties, which are by nature light and ineffective. They should charge serious offenders in court and let the court apply the full force of the law on them!  It may involve a bit more paper work, but that is certainly worth it, since lives and limps are at stake!
Any right thinking person would be sickened by the fact that serious traffic offenders are given a mere slap on the wrist!

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