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Don't Blame The Dog Eaters, Blame The Dog Owners!

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The huge number of stray dogs in Chinese cities is the result of irresponsible dog owners abandoning their pets after they have had a good time with them.  Many Chinese parents buy dogs for their kids to play with.  After a while the kids abandon their pets for the more fun internet games.  These dogs end up as strays, scavenging in rubbish heaps, attacking and terrorizing people young and old, being a public nuisance.  They are also rabies carriers, a public health risk.  And they multiply themselves many times over during their lifetime, populating the cities with even more strays! Looked at objectively, the dog meat eaters are helping society keep the stray numbers down, although their slaughtering methods are sometimes questionable. Eating dog meat is a cultural thing and it is a tradition that goes back many centuries!  No one, least of all the foreigners, has the right to demand that the Chinese abandon their traditional delicacy!  Dog lovers should educate the public on responsible dog ownership.  They are barking up the wrong tree going after the dog meat eaters!

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  • Government Officials Should Speak 'Putonghua' While On Duty 2017-4-18 20:04

    In reality, the government officials might not all have been schooled in mandarin, especially for the older ones.
    Do all the officials in the US speak with the same so-called General American accent? Have you never heard the twang of the southerners on US TV channels when interviews are conducted between reporters and government officials? I bet not.

  • The Chinese Are Ashamed Of Their Chinese Names 2017-4-18 19:25

    To some extend, it is true that some people think it fashionable to have a western name, but in most cases, the western names they have are just an extra name like a moniker for fun, and they would not discard their original Chinese names, which are still the only valid names on their ID cards and passports.
    Most Chinese employees of foreign companies with operations in China are usually required to adopt a western name similar to an alias or stage name, that will be officially registered in the company's roster electronically,  just for internal communication's sake (Chinese names are sometimes too hard for the foreign co-workers to pronounce.) However, to my knowledge, more and more new recruits of those companies, particularly the millennials, reject this requirement outright, and insist on calling them Gu Tao, Xiao Yu, Ling Xu, etc.
    Things are changing.

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