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I just had a radical thought. After being in the workforce for more than 15 years in the government, media, education, religious and corporate faculties, I wonder if it is possible for the world's working population to unite and serve under the same 'entity'.

The 5 estates mentioned above have vastly different goals. In an ideal world, governments exist to roll out policies that protects and safeguard the welfare of its citizens. Media organizations function almost like a watchdog, a school prefect if you may where they keep tabs on everyone else's behaviour (good, bad and ugly). Education faculties are like the ancient Buddhist temples, Roman Pantheon, Anglican churches, Hindu ashram.....where these original sacred places of worship and spiritual study served to educate and enlighten minds that sought divinity. Or simply to commune with their Creator.

Corporate entities, now this is quite baffling. Corporations and media powerhouses exist almost on a symbiotic basis. Without corporations, media organizations can be deemed defunct. Obsolete. What need is a watchdog if there is nothing to watch?

Vice versa, without the existence of media platforms, how can then corporate giants market their products and services? For government agencies are meant to be 'corrupt-free', and education and religious organizations are not in the business of advocating monetary gains. Understanding monetary and fiscal policies are different from wanting to practice them.

My spiritual journey and understanding have taught me that the most important role(s) is not the president of a nation, or the CEO of a MNC. It is actually the creator. In all sense of the word.

I dare say the mind that is able to create something from nothing is more powerful than those that has been elected, or sponsored or groomed to manage a group of people. Who is more powerful than a leader of a 1st world nation or Forbes 500 company's CEO? I dare say, in my humble opinion, one that posses the mind and talent of a creator.

For the creator sees things that are not yet created. The creator is able to conjure up possibilities and opportunities in the mind, and then re-create them in the physical realm.

Yes, weapons of mass destruction can destroy and annihilate an entire population. By the same token the creator can create or re-create back the essence of what was lost, restore the original state of equilibrium and thus ensuring the continuity of life.

I apologize if I have digressed too far in this blog.

I sincerely hope in this new year of the phoenix (the original form of the chicken/bird), it will act as a gentle reminder of how beauty and hope can arise from the ugliness of any ruins.

The key is to rise up after each time we fall.



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