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Share A wicked Rosa and a conniving Wins
2017-6-9 21:24
A wicked Rosa and a conniving Wins
This is the title of my next creative project. Loosely based on certain people I have encountered. The wicked Rosa is a female in her late 30s. Ever since she was born, she had always felt inferior to her more talented, beautiful and popular cousin. An innate nerd, she struggles with her own real identity and have spent thousands of dollars trying to change her looks and physical shape. However, laziness is her main problem. All good results require hard work and sacrifices. The ever short-cu ...
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Share Will to win
2017-6-2 21:54
I write this blog with a heavy heart. I was born a twin, and raised in a family where meritocracy and competency was championed. My parents are very Western-minded. Even though I may be a twin, they cherished individual efforts and resulting rewards. For is it fair, if let's say I being the more hardworking and gifted twin devote my energy, blood, sweat and tears in creating a successful project but my other twin DEMANDS the same recognition and reward? It's not fair, is it? It's outright bullyi ...
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Share Eradicating poverty - China dream
2017-2-26 02:30
I recently read about China's reiteration on its national dream in eradicating poverty. This is a common battle cry amongst all nations, from 3rd world to developed countries. In my humble opinion, devising a 'blanket' or 'one-size-fits-all' approach will not work due to the reasons below (non-exhaustive):- 1. China's sheer size in land mass and distinctly unique provinces makes it impossible to absorb a generic policy in eliminating poverty. 没有两个雪花是相同的. 2. To eliminate poverty ...
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Share New York the Big Apple!
2017-1-16 06:36
Hello everyone! I have officially moved to New York. I live in the garden state, New Jersey which is just across Manhattan separated by the Hudson River. I aim to do my part in promoting arts, culture and cuisine of Chinese people here! If anyone is interested I can be your tour guide whenever you are in the Big Apple! It is still winter here, it snowed just yesterday but it's not harsh and very gentle :) I will be celebrating Spring Festival in Chinatown and will share photos. I welcome you ...
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Share Letting the Yuan free fall/rise
2017-1-9 04:36
I just read in a business newspaper in the Hoboken Library of the possibility of the Yuan flying 'free'. By free, I mean letting current market forces dictate its true value without governmental tinkering. Economics was never one of my strongest subjects in university, but the entrepreneur and Chinese native in me tend to think it may not be a bad idea overall. Sure, if the Yuan becomes 'expensive' in the global arena then China's export industry may be hit. Conversely if the Yuan becomes t ...
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Share The creator in you
2017-1-6 08:20
I just had a radical thought. After being in the workforce for more than 15 years in the government, media, education, religious and corporate faculties, I wonder if it is possible for the world's working population to unite and serve under the same 'entity'. The 5 estates mentioned above have vastly different goals. In an ideal world, governments exist to roll out policies that protects and safeguard the welfare of its citizens. Media organizations function almost like a watchdog, a school pre ...
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Share Catharsis. Healing. Love
2017-1-4 07:22
Catharsis. Healing. Love
I recently took an intensive filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy. It has always been my dream to turn my 3 novels into films, big or small screen. I love all forms of story-telling, and I believe from the bottom of my heart of the lessons, teachings and compassion embedded inside my novels. I write because I wanted to share some deep emotional experiences which I hope could be of help to others. It started as a therapeutic means to ease some painful experiences, and as I wrote and inv ...
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Share The art of teaching
2017-1-3 03:20
The art of teaching
I shall start the new year exploring the topic of teaching. Is it an art form, or a matter of science? As an artist and a creative soul, I believe most things in life is an art form. Even scientific roles and practices such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, designing sculptures or even computer software programming etc. Yes, the items I just mentioned above commonly have to abide by their own unique language. Computer programming utilizes the binary code, or simply 1 and 0 and a set of 'IF' lo ...
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Share Happy new year! :)
2017-1-1 02:42
Hi everyone, It has been a while. The past few months have been so exhilarating and challenging I wish to thank everyone that has helped me to grow. 2016 will be a year where I conquered many of my personal 'demons'. We all have demons to fight within us. Be it fear of public speaking, fear of abandonment, fear of ridicule (lose face), fear of not having enough (money, friends, love, resources etc.), fear of not being good enough .... the list goes on. Like you, I too have several fears whic ...
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Share Japanese Imperialism and Anime generation
2016-8-4 09:29
Japanese Imperialism and Anime generation
I have re-discovered my interest in Japanese culture and language. Around 18 years ago I learned Japanese language in Malaysia and graduated at an intermediate level in speaking. Japanese language is one of the hardest in the world, which requires the learner to master 4 sub-languages including Hirakana, Katakana, Romanji and Kanji (similar to Chinese). It is almost like a secret code within a code! My career then took me to a different direction and I stopped learning the language. Having said ...
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  • A wicked Rosa and a conniving Wins 2017-6-19 19:53

    seneca: A film script? Maybe. Perhaps. But compelling??? Your imagination is too conventional: the guy always has to bad, a victimiser; the girl innocent, a v ...
    Bollywood? Why not?!

  • A wicked Rosa and a conniving Wins 2017-6-19 19:53

    Liononthehunt: The project you are working at sounds awesome. Are you a novelist?
    Yes a novelist and learning to be a screenwriter.

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