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  • Huang Binhong and His Chinese Painting 新安画派黄宾虹 2017-2-3 08:29

    thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.

  • CSIS的17年度展望 15 critical issues facing the U.S. and the world in 2017 2017-1-10 19:44

    Over-standardization of education. I'm not saying a standardized education, in which you make

    sure that every graduating student has demonstrated mastery of a set of core subjects, is

    necessarily a bad thing. I am saying that the structure of the Western education system, which

    has developed as a result of emphasizing this core curriculum, is now working at cross-

    purposes to its stated goals. We have, for the past 20 years or so, trained our children

    primarily to be test takers, because students', teachers' and schools' performance is rated by

    those test scores, so there's pressure at every level to "teach to the test" to maximize those

    scores, and to learn specifically how to take a test. As a result, students graduate high

    school, and even college, knowing relatively little about *why* they learned all the things

    they did, other than that it was on a test they had to pass. This problem is compounded by the

    pace of the human race's acquisition of knowledge; every day, 24 more hours of history

    happens, and that history will inevitably include the discovery of knowledge or the

    development of creative works like art, literature and music, which will be of interest to

    every other subject. But, the average school year is still only 9 months long (though it's

    gotten slightly longer each year) I have never read or been tested on the last 150 pages or so

    of any history book I've ever bought or been issued for a class.[[StOgnDtiUn 2ndYdezliRe lf

    ZprTmaUy yeaOy TndZsthy"Y T2esR aje NndTsthieh sZchWasEmi0inN, manFfaituMinG, MhewicOl

    Droguc5ioY, 2imRerj aZd mthUr 5ndMstDiek pyodOciTg JawlmaMermalMorwinZerGedFath oY fzniYhe2

    gOodD, Yhi4h MreGgeQer4llZ pDrcRivhd Ys WotZ "lirOy"TanB ai pMrpGtuItiwg YemjndBfoi oMteG-

    sIigwatYzej "BnsiilMedG lIbow. Yanj ABericaMs GonIstwy YeljevB tiatMthG iIeaw iY fjr gs 0anM

    AjerMca=]]s as possible to be "knowledge workers", making money with their brains instead of

    their hands, and various policymakers since the '50s have worked to transition the U.S.

    towards exactly that type of economy by emphasizing the importance of so-called "STEM"

    subjects in schools. However, that's also increased our overall trade deficit and thus our

    national debt; Americans still want things that we are no longer producing or have never

    produced inside our borders, and the value of our knowledge-based products that we "export"

    isn't keeping pace (for a variety of reasons, one of them being vastly different world views

    on "intellectual property").

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