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Share If you wanted to feel happy
2017-4-1 17:12
If you wanted to feel happy, maybe it was true to swallow down others' criticism and sarcasm. Leave their words alone and walk your life forward. Sometimes I am in a bad mood to talk and keep silence after my communication with my roommates irritates me and make me annoyed. They tend to use sarcastic words against me about my words, just like in a debate. Many times they feel superior to take advantage of my thinkings I am so unhappy after that. Should I regard those communications as daily l ...
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Share Temper myself and make some reflection
2017-3-17 21:25
Two network connectors were broken at my dorm. So this noon an idear to fix them occurred to me gratuitively. I blurted it out. My roommate asked me to call the repairing phone to send for technicians to come to fix them. I did it, though, it should''ve been fixed a few days ago but no body took a baby step to call the phone and it was forgotten then. I tried it, filled the form for collecting repairing information. Just several minutes ago, the technican came and did his job but not all the ...
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Share How do you judge beauty?
2017-3-17 00:13
How do you judge beauty? This is a topic I have been thinking before. Two or three days ago, I saw online a photo of a girl. She wears a paire of Jeans and an exposed cowboy shirt undone and she is wearing a pair of sunglasses at the same time. She is leaning on the rail against the river, crossing her ankles a little bit with a seeming smile worn on her face. The first impression of the image for me is lovely and so attracitve. I can't help myself falling in love with her. I've got mesmerize ...
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Share make an appointment with a doctor(note-taking)
2017-3-14 12:26
Here is some knowledge of expressions I'd learned about Making an appointment with doctors. First, you may make an appointment with a dentist by phone or online. Then, you will ask the other side of the phone," Is Dr. Who available 10 o'clock tomorrow morning?" The other side may answer," Dr. Who could not spare anytime for other patients. He is very busy that time. But Dr. Who is free at around 9:30 tomorrow morning. You may come at that time. Does it work for you?"
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Share A day for girls
2017-3-7 23:26
Today is a special day. A day for girls. Yep, it is the Girls' Day. As we have planned, we boys bought sweet dumplings, kiwi fruit, mangoes, sago and a box of milk. Yep, we were going to make syrup. It nearly took us one and a half hours from around 8 o'clock to around 9:30. Our syrup was not perfect as the sago was only about 80% done. Yet, it was not a big deal. With the syrup done, we took two pots of syrup and walked to the girls' dormitory. We had called one of our female classmates t ...
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Share A tiger
2017-3-6 18:51
In a cage, at first, the tiger said to himself that one day I would break the cage and walked back to the real world. The other day, still living in the cage in a carriage of a train, the tiger was moved to another place where he had never ever put his footprints on. Yet, he was forced to be there. Arriviing there, he came a performing tiger of a circus. He was fed with fabulous food. He came to be milder and milder. He was trained by a beast trainer who was skillful in training a wild tiger ...
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Share the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2017-3-4 20:17
Tonight, I have watched a movie called "the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". It is a thought-provoking one. Joel is shy and a little isolated guy. Yet, he met up with a girl named Clem (in abreviation) who was active and outgoing. The girl made great direct conversations with Joel. And she even invited him to her house. Then They started their relationship subsequently and very smoothly. But a few days right befor Valentine's Day, Joel bought a necklace ready to be given. Yet, he f ...
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Share Meditation of losses and gains
2017-3-2 23:51
I believe the perpetuating happiness is from our deep deep inside of heart. Where does happiness come from? It is not a question we can answere easily. But now I've got the answer. Sometime you have to obtain something but on the other hand lose something else. When we feel sad about losing something, it may help soothe our hearts with the help of looking back at our inner hearts, thinking about what we have had in our life. We might feel depressed for the loss. ...
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Share Mediation of decisons
2017-2-28 21:53
I have no other dream. My dream now is to make my English perfect. There are many many options for me to choose. Do I want to prepare for the exam of civil service? Do I feel like joining in the Communitive Party? Or do I have a plan for BEC(Business English of Cambridge)? Or even do I have an idea of taking the exam of TOEFL? Now I am bold to make my preliminary decision - that is to choose nothing. I don't have to choose between all of them. I am determined to keep on my way. I ...
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Share Diary for two days back college after the winter vacation
2017-2-19 21:02
I have been back college after the winter vocation for 2 days. The first day I went back school,, I did the laborious thing of tidying up my desk at the dorm. I spent 4 hours long turning a place in mess into a place I haven't been in for the last three years in the university. I was proud of myself for doing the tidying. I was a little overexcited the first night. I made myself listen to the music and then fell into sleep without consciousness. But when the clock stroke 4 o'clock, ...
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  • Temper myself and make some reflection 2017-3-19 22:55

    I have never been in thought of interacton with people the way you think. It is quite new to me but I agree with you with 100 percent of support.

  • Temper myself and make some reflection 2017-3-19 09:19

    I had a plumber come to replace a water heater recently and when he arrived I told him that if he needed help to let me know. The water heater was outside and I would be inside. So he replaced the water heater and he took the old one away, but as he was taking the old one away I could hear him and it sounded like he was struggling with it because it must have been heavy and awkward. Since he had not asked me for any help I did not help him but in hindsight I feel kind of bad about not going outside to help when it sounded like he was struggling to move it. The truth is that I really didn't want to help him move it, especially since I had offered help if needed and he did not ask. I preferred to avoid that interaction. It was the interaction that I did not want more than not wanting to help someone lift something. I can identity with your feeling of not wanting any more interaction with the repair guy than necessary and I do not think your actions were bad. The fact that you did not check with the guy that the job was fully done before he left indicates to me that you are a trusting person that did not question the repair guys ability to do his job. The problem in your scenario is not that you treated a stranger as a stranger - just that you may not have been clear enough in communicating the problem or that the repair guy had trouble comprehending. It was just a communication problem and you should not feel as though you failed to have upright interaction with the repair guy.

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