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Share A Singer Once I Hated
2017-7-27 00:24
She is a singer but she is a special one. She acts in movies, creates compositions, dressed in fashion magazine and founds foundation after her name as well. I have been amazed by so many voices. Yet, hers is unique. No, actually uniqueness is her song style. I have been judging her by her dressing style which tends to be masculine and been judging her by her origin from Sichuan province whose people I always have bad impression on. After I have watched a TV series, I come to turn my judgment ...
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Share Danger Came Out
2017-7-26 11:10
A long time ago when I was a little boy as ever, danger came out to me so often. I remember once when I woke up from my little afternoon nap, my mother rushed to me, telling me that our kitchen may have exploded with fire breaking out. The reason is simple. Before I went asleep, I had gone to the kitchen to boil some water. After I went to the living room from the kitchen, I began to watch a TV cartoon. Then I got so sleepy that I dragged myself into my bedroom, forgetting the whole thing that t ...
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Share Living on worries and tribulations but Dying from fecklessness and playfulness
2017-7-7 09:51
I am gonna make my weakness in public, here in my blog. There is a Chinese saying which goes as "生于忧患死于安乐", which means living on worries and tribulations but dying from fecklessness and playfulness. This is my interpretation of the Chinese saying and maybe it is not 100 percent correct from perspectives of Chinese traditional culture experts but the interpretation is relevant to my weakness. The last blog where I have told you that I have no idea what I am going to do for my futu ...
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Share What career, what life
2017-7-4 20:01
What career, what life
In this show, it seems that we are all stunned by this girl's appearance. If asked for one word in our mind while seeing her, most of us would say "gorgeous". "Gorgeous" is the first impression she gives us. Maybe it is the last impression left in our mind. But here I want to talk a little farther from "gorgeous". When I was so mesmerized by her beauty, I started to search the Internet for everything relevant to her, such as her microblog. I got the information from the Internet, which I wa ...
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Share Gains from The Lily of the Valley
2017-7-3 21:00
I have been reading a book called The Lily of the Valley. I suppose some of you would be interested in reading it. It is a great book which instructs us a lot about life. From this book, from the letter to Felix, a mother of severak children gave her learnings about the world, the rules she knew from the social world to her dear friend, Felix, who she saw as her children but who in fact fell in love with her. Felix and the mother held a balanced relationship in which they didn't intrude too much ...
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Share A Vow to Myself
2017-6-30 23:54
In the last few days, I have been in a special mood for religions. I was being so frenzy at religions. The major reason for that may be how moody I am these days. I try to fling myself into the pit of religions to get rid of all my feelings for a short time. However, the result comes to no endings. For every second I am away from religional belief moods are around me as devils. Another way for me to release my negative power is to sing to every single pop songs for hours and hours. When I am sin ...
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Share Any wrong about an art masterpiece?
2017-6-19 11:24
Any wrong about an art masterpiece?
Yesterday I uploaded a picture as my blog's cover. In my eyes, it is just a picture of beauty. Yet, unfortunately, ChinaDaily prohibited it from releasing here. Today, I logged in but found out it isn't there any more but a large blank area is there to occupy the place where my picture was yesterday. I want to say, it is just kind of art. It is a paper-made women body and there is a traditional Chinese painting on it. The painting is about flowers. To me, it is a great art masterpiece ...
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Share Gains in thought of Deng Yaping's speech
2017-6-13 00:08
I had been watching a video for the past 20 minutes. It is a video filming Deng Yaping making her graduation speech in University of Cambridge. I was so astonished at her English speaking. She is not only talented at playing Ping-pong. She has gift in English, too. But that isn't the point I want to share here. I mean she is champion for many World Table Tennis Games. Now she has dimisssed from the national sports' team and went to college. She had been to Qinghua University and then went to Uni ...
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  • Any wrong about an art masterpiece? 2017-6-21 22:24

    Actually I may make you misunderstood. Before China's reform and opening-up, an very important policy to China and to the world as well, Chinese women preferred to cover up, only leaving their faces, necks and hands in the air. So there was a long time when Chinese women filled themselves up with clothes. And now, the old Chinese people or even my mom still think they are so exposed with just a little cloth when girls on TV show more parts of their bodies outside, of course, they are wearing clothes still. But Chinese young girls do copy the trend of wearing shorts to show off their fair-skinned legs, which started in South Korea, I think. In South Korea there are many girl groups. They are singers and dancers as well. They wear short dress or short shorts to attract our eyeballs. As far as I am concerned, in terms of the Chinese girls who wear shorts or short skirts, maybe there are some sluts but I believe that most of them just want to follow the trend, feeling confident themselves and maybe they just like the way they are dressed. Another thing to add to that is that Chinese modern girls still want to cover their upper bodies so they choose clothes that help avoid any exposion of their upper bodies except for their arms,necks and faces. So in fact, you can't easily find any sluts in China, yet. Back to the topic of my blog, my point is that the art I saw a few days ago is made with a thing which shapes as a woman's body and the painter drawed a traditional Chinese picture on it. I think it is fine for art to do so. We should not think about sex while talking about art. Art is nothing to do with sex just as sex is nothing to do with art. The last point I want to talk with you is that I am not a person who welcomes sluts, not to mention to be OK with it. But I love arts. Art embodies beauty and inspiration. Anyway, you do give me a new way to think about girls who wear so sexually even when they don't mean it.

  • Any wrong about an art masterpiece? 2017-6-20 20:49

    Not all females like to dress like a slut. Many females still do dress like ladies and to me this is far more attractive. I agree with China that sluts should be made to feel ashamed of themselves. Why do females feel the need to display their bodies in public anyway? It is because they are sluts. The worst ones are the ugly sluts because they are disgusting. Some guy like you will encourage sluts because you are only thinking of the hot ones but what happens when you have to walk by some big fat 60 year old slut that has decided to go topless in public? This should be enough to make any person vomit but in ridiculous places like New York USA where they encourage sluts there is nothing that can be done about all of these disgustingly ugly sluts that get about. Is that really what you want? To give license to any horrid old slut to walk about in public without a shirt or bra on? You need to think much harder. And even a hot chick that walks about without a shirt on should be despised because what are they trying to gain by dressing this way? Advantage? What massive sluts these sluts are. And you know what else is slutty? High heels. Why do females where high heels? To be festive? It is because they are sluts. And all of these sluts that wear skirts to work all through winter - what massive sluts they are. They know why they have the job dont they? Guys like you wouldnt be as nice to them if they wore flat shoes and other sensible non-slutty clothing would they? What sluts!

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