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Share Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted
shehemego 2018-2-24 14:02
Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted, but Mother's love is from what to be taken for granted. What I mean is simple. Mother's love comes from no trigger but everyday life with kids. Mothers have no reasons not to care for their kids just as we kids have never got a flash of mind to appreicate our mothers' love. We kids so easily forget or ignore the warmth of Mother's love; we take it for granted. But mothers never stop to take care of us for the sake of their destiny to love thei ...
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Share Thoughts about living through life
shehemego 2018-2-18 16:58
getting down is the start for getting right just as getting up is the start for getting in peace. why there is always a saying going like so--as human beings, seven emotions and six desires are always around us. We could not have any possibility to get rid of them. But knowing every of them is in the circle of changing, there is no need getting too much upset. Writing this blog means now I am not so myself but every man has the time of so. Accept it and turn to the next. We are doing so witho ...
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Share 2017-11-14
shehemego 2017-11-14 21:20
I am getting so tired after a day's work as to become a little absent-minded looking at the computer, not knowing what to do. I don't want to make any complaints as to difficulties stuck in the way when I want to start a journey to study hard. I have drunk so little water today; and as for my complexion, my face has become dehydrated. Thanks for reading my trivialities. Night, my friend here in the blogging part of ChinaDaily.
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Share Upset soul seeking for a out-let
shehemego 2017-11-12 19:17
Being so upset, I could calm myself not. I am getting dizzy and mad in my mind. I don't want to have this feeling. It's like having a heavy stone in my stomach and so much eagerness to work on something but without a reason. I want to take a deep breath to curb my evil madness in my body. Now comes my meditation to sooth the evil madness off my brain. What is important and urgent that I have to work on now isn't emerging in my mind. I could not think of a thing to work on. I am not thinking o ...
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Share Book Review: Call of the Wild
shehemego 2017-10-28 23:45
Dating back to high school, I had read a book written by Jack London. That is called Call of the Wild. Today I reread it and started to understand more than I had in high school. The lead role is a dog called Buck. Finishing up the whole book, we could get the clue as to changes in Buck. At the very beginning, Buck is well-civilized as a dignified dog around his living place. But then one of his master's servants exchanged him for money to pay for the debt with a man in red sweater, literally ...
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Share Free thoughts
shehemego 2017-10-28 23:05
There could be some grammar mistakes right below. But I wish you could only get my meaning without so much concern on the mistakes. Just leave the mistakes alone. President Xi Jinping will have five more years to lead China forward. He has earned a lot of reputation from home and abroad. I wish he would make China a better place in the not far future. I have read a piece of new about President John Kennedy's assassination where President Donald Trump is to reveal more files about the in ...
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Share My Internship in an Artcraft Exhibition
shehemego 2017-10-27 16:57
My Internship in an Artcraft Exhibition
This is a blog forgetting about grammar, which means I may make some grammar mistakes here but I don't want to waste my time to correct them up. If you like to read my blog, please leave the grammar mistakes alone but learn the meaning I am talking about here. This blog is being written now after yesterday's ending of my internship. So first let me introduce my eleven-day internship for you. I have worked for an artcraft exhibition for eleven days as an intern. For the first three, I was li ...
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Share To clear my mind
shehemego 2017-10-14 21:43
Chasing after a dream isn't easy. So many times occur when we stop frustrated not in sight of the dream we go after. I am not a good dream chaser. That can be indicated when I study hard in the morning but play video games in the afternoon. Today is a suffering for me in terms of my study. Only two people stayed in the dorm this morning, including me. I was so dertermined to learn some new knowledge of English sentences that I had a sentence book in my hands and read it this morning. After no ...
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Share Free Thoughts
shehemego 2017-10-13 16:58
Left stands the evil while right the angel. Tortured by unsmoothable nerves jumping up and down, now and later, My concentration was scattering to the point of being blurred away, Leaving nothing clearer than the shining sun. Yesterday’s west wind came, rough, strong and cold. But I took a cold shower to make my body strong to stand against the cold of wind. Amusingly, my goose skin spoke for itself but couldn’t stand no more cold. I was ...
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