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I wished to have a pen pal when I was little. Yet, my wishes got "executed" and died out. Since I wrote blogs here, I do have a pen pal here, so amazingly, who by chance met with me. I have read a little story: a kid wrote a letter, put it in a glass bottle, and threw it into the ocean; several years later, the other kid got the bottle and wrote back; then they wrote to each other monthly or yearly, sharing them own stories and emotions. You may have heard this story and find out I mistakenedly wrote some parts. Yet, that's no big deal. You know my intent, right?

I am not a kid anymore; I have become an adult. I hated calling myself an adult but now I accept to be an adult. As an adult, I find fun inside of talking with others, sharing thoughts and ideas. I always know I am not reasonable enough and make wrong judgments so often but meanwhile I want to figure out others' ways of thinking. If they make good points and make great reasonings, I am willing to be a student, passionately listening to them. It's a great way to build up my reasonable mindset with the help of others who would like to talk with me, sharing me with their alternative thoughts or ideas. Another way, a very important and helpful way, is to read. Reading gives me knowledge and fun. To become wistful is not the distance from the Sun; it is the distance from a book.

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Reply Report shehemego 2018-4-18 23:51
HailChina!: My mother made friends with a woman while playing Farmville on Facebook and now they visit each other and hang out. Seriously.
That's great. That disproved the point that social media disconnected people. Social media can be friend matchers and it just depends on how we use it.

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