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March 24

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March 24

I am glad to own a place belonging to myself here on the Internet, that I can talk, express freely. No special things to be mentioned today. But considering I have long been a blogger on China Daily, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. However, without Internet and blogs, like in the ancient times, I might resort to write in the sands with a stick. The disadvantage is I would rub my writings off whenever I finished my words with the sands. Actually, that isn't quite a thing as much as blogging. What I have written in my blogs does leave some traces of my life but likewise isn't to be read again in the future. No mattter it is sand writing or blog writing, there is no need safely keeping my previous thoughts or emotions. They may be blowing with the wind or converted into a power with the wind to push me forward. Who knows when a new kind of technology will replace blog writing. Meanwhile, the data on blog writing sites die out. I am not going to be melancholy about the possible loss of the data of my blogs.

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Reply Report shehemego 2018-4-16 10:22
You do make great reasonings here and I am agreed with most of your points. I need to improve my reasoning abilities which must help me with critical thinking. Thanks for sharing your stories and points of view with me.

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  • What Position Determines What Work 2019-1-29 20:50

    If you admit failure, that is equal to putting yourself into prison!  Then success will never meet you who will certainly leave you and fly away!

  • BRAIN IN A BOTTLE 2019-1-26 11:16

    Great! I look forward to your next great work!

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