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get busy living or get busy dying

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Suddenly the world stands in front of me with a diferent face. I am scared but I am motivated to face it. I don't want to think about what my life should be, especially when I am lonely. When I am so lonely, I am laden with so much agony that I get lost and could not find any way out. I hope writing this blog could moderate my pain but went speechless all of a sudden.

I have ever thought:

I could live the way a simple man did.
I could live in a world with trees and birds around me and winds visitng me sometimes.
I could live regardless of fame, position, compliments, and money.
I could live regardless of what job I would have.

When the world becomes so quiet, when I am alone, when I am with me, I get lost. What my life for?

If my life could be for nothing important, I could live an easy life, with no troubles about money, marriage or even family.

But I want my life to be important, at least to myself or further to other human beings. I want to work hard to fight for life.

Yet, I am painful. That is always due to the fact that I always get lost in the world. I can only feel when I am in pain. I feel pain and pain and pain, especially when I am alone.

A quote from a movie pops up in my mind: get busy living or get busy dying.

Perhaps it is the answer.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-14 08:23
Work hard. You want to work hard. Are you a slave?

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