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Recommendation for Hu Shi's book

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Even though I wasn't following his words, his words are so inspiring for Chinese scholars, researchers and even university students like me. His name was so well-known in the past. He was ever an idol for so many people. Now let me tell you his name--he is Hu Shi.

Just five or six days ago, I spent 2 or 3 days finishing one of his books, which is called Tolerance and Liberty. This book is a collection of his essays, most of which were his open speeches in the universities in the very past.

From my old impression on him, he was a pioneer of leading modern Chinese writing, persuading us to give up the ancient way of Chinese writing. Perhaps I couldn't tell you more about him than you to me. But from his book Tolerance and Liberty, I learned so much. I could comprehend knowlege of what a scholar should be. Even I am a university student but when I come to some study I need to work as a scholar equipped with some requirements by Hu Shi. Those requirements were disseminated from Hu Shi but had been seen on so many scientists, scholars from home and abroad in or before the age of Hu Shi. I am still convinced that those requirements are truths for us now and in the future. They are forever truths from my perspective.

I wish you can have some time off to read that book from which you will be amazed by Hu Shi's wisdom and will be inspired to take those requirements for youselves.

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  • Thoughts about living through life 2018-2-19 08:21

    Remember love? I don't think I can.

  • Thoughts about living through life 2018-2-19 08:21

    Remember fhe 80s? When all US media celebrated the simple masses of the US 'fly over states'? Highway to Heaven for example? It is my favourite show to watch on YouTube you know. And how every movie, cartoon or TV show promoted ethics and morality? Remember that?

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