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North Korea has its rights to protect itself

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North Korea's sixth ballistic missile test concerned the United Nations and countries surrounded North Korea. All the news from US President Donald Trump's side is always showing their resentment for North Korea's missle tests and they call it aggression to make a war. Yet from the perspecitve of North Korea's foreign minister, North Korea is doing what it thinks is neccessary to protect its country and show their attitude against US-South-Korea military rehearsals and their defense system situated in South Korea.

What do other countries consider about the current Korean penisula's tension? China has started to adopt the United Nations' pleas and placed economic sanctions against North Korea's military tests, sanctions of which are oil imports to and textile exports from North Korea. Though China has agreed to the UN's decision to place sanctions on North Korea, China is consistently committed to peace and dialogues to deal with the Korean penisula's tension.

Now comes my perspective of the tension. North Korea has its rights to protect its country by developing military powers while the world isn't fair enough or showing its righteousness to convince the North Koreans of nonesense of grasping powers in hands while no other countries are showing aggression around its country and no other countries are discriminating its existence for their allies such as America for its neighbouring country South Korea or even for Japan.

North Korea is in threat of America, Japan and South Korea. If America doesn't stop its military presense in the Korean penisular, the war between them two may not happen but the tension or Norht Korea's military tests will not and is not possilbe to come to an end.

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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-11-5 22:36
As an impoverished small country wedged between regional powers, DPRK has long been walking a tightrope, often resorting to brinkmanship for survival. But pursuing nuclear deterrence against hostile adversaries has clearly gone overboard, as it disrupts the existing order in the region to the detriment of its only ally, and gets itself and China into a tight corner, leaving China with shrinking wiggle room for bolstering the regime in North Korea. Definitely not a wise move.

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