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Gains in thought of Deng Yaping's speech

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I had been watching a video for the past 20 minutes. It is a video filming Deng Yaping making her graduation speech in University of Cambridge. I was so astonished at her English speaking. She is not only talented at playing Ping-pong. She has gift in English, too. But that isn't the point I want to share here. I mean she is champion for many World Table Tennis Games. Now she has dimisssed from the national sports' team and went to college. She had been to Qinghua University and then went to University of Cambridge. She made it no matter what she tried to do. I have to say she is a person of characters, such as diligence, cleverness and philanthropy. She worked through all the difficulties to attain what she aspired for.

Another point I got from listening to her speech is that people can become stronger when they have sufficient resources or broader sources. I am sure that after she got a bunch of world titles, after she became famous home and abroad, she got lots of lots of resources and ways open to her. So she could decide to sign up for a university for education and the path to a university was paved thoroughly for her. But I have to say not all the successful sports stars have a thought to go to college after their staying in the national sports' team. She is ambitious and wants to get more.

So now I am talking about resources and ambition. In fact, as ordinary people, we don't have enough resources whenever we want to achieve some goals. However, that doesn't mean we should stop or blame the world for it. In many cases, we are not ambitious enough to make good use of resources we can find. Which is the major reason, misleading us away from the direction to our goals.

Just think about what we have. Do we have enough time to go for a goal? Do we have enough enthusiasm to persist in accomplishing a goal? Do we try every way, every resource we can find to help us make it?

Deng Yaping can easily have resources, even more than we have in the case that she and we go for the same goal. Yet, she is more ambitious than we are when on the way to achieve her goals and ours. We may not become famous at the end of our life but we still can smile at what we've done then.

Just keep our ambition  for every unfinished goal for as long as we can.

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