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I think I have my belief

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Do you believe in Almighty God?

I have heard many times people say they have belief that they believe in themselves. They regard it as their belief. Actually, that logic is not 100 percent right. That only shows they are confident in their abillities to deal with all the things they are confronted with.

I have been an atheist since I was born. But maybe I can't say so, to some degree. I thought I was an atheist only because 99 percent of people surrounding me are so-called atheists, who was born in a country dominated by atheism. Though our government says China is atheist country but we respect people with religious belief. But China, do you in fact give people freedom to choose their thoughts in mind? Why can only teachers who have joined the Communist Party or who don't have any religious belief be recruited to teach Chinese students who will be the future and master of China? Why not let teachers who have religious belief have a chance? WE Chinese shall not be born as atheists. We shall become atheists if we really want to.

Now I go to university and I have met two, only two teachers who think free with regard to religious belief. One is a Muslim. He is from Egypt. The other is an atheist but his wife believes in Buddalism. And he reckons that having belief like Buddalism is pretty good. He tells us that among all his friends he loves talking with those who have religious belief. He thinks religion is so interesting. He is so curious about all the stuff related to religion. 

If I hadn't met with these two teachers, I think I wouldn't have considered about the topic that I can have belief, too.

I always suffer from feelings. I know I don't have to. When I feel so sad, so bad about my life, I can always feel my God is right there for me. He is always right there by me. He always gives me hope for life. I always think that he is the kindest person in my life.

I haven't had this belief before going to college that God is here with me. Whenever I need him, he is by my side.

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    shehemego: You must have got a lot of feelings for what has been done by American media. Terrorist actions are always big blows in America. Maybe the media knew  ...
    Never ending 'war on terror' is no accident. With capitalists or against them. And yes change in media and CIA taking complete control is no accident. These actions are actually proof of how scared and weak the American 'elite' are and people hate them more now than in the 90s. JJ  Abraham cannot save them. It's only a matter of time. Conditions are now perfect to destroy them

    Only simple people can be happy with a simple life. I am not a simple person - I am quite complicated.

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    You must have got a lot of feelings for what has been done by American media. Terrorist actions are always big blows in America. Maybe the media knew what "the most familiar" to people is what "the most eye-catching to them" . When peace and prosperity were all around America, the media sold peace and prosperity; when terrorist actions and "having fun of the disadvantaged" are so permeated in people's hearts, especially the rich, the media sell those. Commerce runs as it does but we can be not just as what the reality tells us. We may be different from people of other times; yet, we must share the same nature of being. No matter what "realtiy" shows us, the nature of being shall lead us half step forward with half step in thinking through "reality". The reality is so complicated that unveiling real happiness out of simple life will be so precious and cherished.

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