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the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Tonight, I have watched a movie called "the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". It is a thought-provoking one.

Joel is shy and a little isolated guy. Yet, he met up with a girl named Clem (in abreviation) who was active and outgoing. The girl made great direct conversations with Joel. And she even invited him to her house. Then They started their relationship subsequently and very smoothly.

But a few days right befor Valentine's Day, Joel bought a necklace ready to be given. Yet, he found out by accident that Clem was having affair with another man, a younger man. So Joel was pissed out. The most shitting thing was Clem forgot Joel out of her memory. Then Joel got a message which read that Clem had been done with a therapy which could erase her memory selectively. In other words, that means Clem chose to erase her memory with Joel.

Knowing that, Joel was delirious and desperate. The only way he thought of could calm him down and move on after breaking up with Clem was the same way Clem had chose.

Yes, he went to the clinic and signed up to take the therapy to erase his memory with Clem. While the therapy for him was underway, he turned unwilling to do so. In his consciousness (you may call it the dream in some sense), he traveled back all the memory that had Clem in. He took Clem with him to escape and to hide for not forgetting Clem when he woke up from the therapy. Right just a moment before the therapy was done, Clem said goodbye to him in his consciousness.

In the end of the movie, Joel and Clem met with each other again. They listened to the records made before their therapies about their comments on each other. They got vexed that they said out the things they didn't like on each other. But when they two walked away angrily to their directions, Joel became peaceful and said "It's OK. It's Ok" Then, they two laughed with tears.

At the very beginning, I was confused why Clem chose to erase her memory but Joel planned to buy her a present before Valentine's Day, which seemed nothing devious had happened. Now I got it. It must be that Joel may have said some mean words to Clem or Joel may have had something Clem couldn't stand. To put it simple, it is just about Joel's shortcomings of his personalities mostly which hurt Clem's heart heavily.

But for a couple to live together for the rest of their life, shortcomings don't count; Yet what really counts is the reasons why they love each other, and is the merits they fit with each other.

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  • Temper myself and make some reflection 2017-3-19 22:55

    I have never been in thought of interacton with people the way you think. It is quite new to me but I agree with you with 100 percent of support.

  • Temper myself and make some reflection 2017-3-19 09:19

    I had a plumber come to replace a water heater recently and when he arrived I told him that if he needed help to let me know. The water heater was outside and I would be inside. So he replaced the water heater and he took the old one away, but as he was taking the old one away I could hear him and it sounded like he was struggling with it because it must have been heavy and awkward. Since he had not asked me for any help I did not help him but in hindsight I feel kind of bad about not going outside to help when it sounded like he was struggling to move it. The truth is that I really didn't want to help him move it, especially since I had offered help if needed and he did not ask. I preferred to avoid that interaction. It was the interaction that I did not want more than not wanting to help someone lift something. I can identity with your feeling of not wanting any more interaction with the repair guy than necessary and I do not think your actions were bad. The fact that you did not check with the guy that the job was fully done before he left indicates to me that you are a trusting person that did not question the repair guys ability to do his job. The problem in your scenario is not that you treated a stranger as a stranger - just that you may not have been clear enough in communicating the problem or that the repair guy had trouble comprehending. It was just a communication problem and you should not feel as though you failed to have upright interaction with the repair guy.

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