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A Day through my female cousin's wedding (written in detail)

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Here I will show you my female cousin's wedding I've recently attended in detail. I know some of you may want to know what the wedding was like.

My female and I were living in two different towns. That morning, my father hailed a taxi to take my mom and I to my female cousin's home. When we arrived there, there had been some elders coming to pay a visit. My aunt, mother of my femle counsin was busy preparing for the wedding. she was cooking sweet soup with eggs and Lotus seeds, which has special meaning for blessing the new husband and wife. Staying in my female cousin's house at that early moment seems familiar to me as I come to her house every time  in the Spring Festival. 

However, when I saw her bridesmaids all in pink surround with my female cousin in a white wedding dress, the whole world changed a little. I stared at her face for two seconds. It seemed that I wanted to remember her face with make-up in her special day. At the same time, I tried to recollect my memory about how she was like at the last time we met. However, I couldn't get any clue as to what she looked like before. Here in front of me was the one what we called wife-to-be. 

Around 10 o'clock, the husband-to-be reached my female cousin's house. A group of bridesmaids  flocked down to the first floor, checked and maked sure the door was close. After a second, from the outside came noise of men. They knocked at the door loudly and even banged the door at random intervals. Sometimes the sound of the hits on the door scared me and the female indoor a little. Some of us thought the door might be destroyed. 

The bridesmaids opened the window a little and asked people from the side of husband-to-be for lucky money. At the same time, they tried to make fun, squirting people outside with special stuff in colors. All of a sudden a gun salute was fired towards the window, all the stuff in the gun salute bursting out and flying into the indoor throught the window, which made us frightened a little bit. How crazy they were, the people of the groom!

After rounds and rounds of yelling for lucky money by the bridesmaids and banging the door by the people of the groom, the door was finally opened. Then a group of people swarmed into the house, stepping upstairs to meet the bride. I saw so many smiling faces appearing before me. Among all the people in the house, the groom smiled most happily, asking for the bride and following the bridesmaids upstairs.

When the bride and the groom went downstairs to the first floor, people from my cousin's side put up the folding desk as an altar, placed a censer and stuff in plates like apples. And then they lighted incenses, sticked the incenses in the censers and did other things for worship. And the bride and the groom stood before the altar, bowing three times consecutively according to the local tradition.

After the worshipping stuff, people from my cousin's side carried her dowry to the car bound for the groom's home. A bridemaid held a red umbrella for the bride on the way to the car. Then the trip started. My mom and I and people from my cousin's side got on  the rented bus, leaving for the groom's home.

There we were at the groom's home. The bride's dowry was placed at her new bedroom with the groom. We were served at a large resteraunt for lunch. After lunch, we were sent back by the rented bus.

About 3:50, the bride came back to her parents' home with the groom where a ritual was held. The ritual was for my counsin's parents and senior relatives to sit before the bride and the groom. The groom held the wedding candies placed in a wedding cloth  with both hands and asked my cousin's parents and the senior relatives to eat. The bride fetched cups of tea nearby and asked them to have tea.

After this ritual, the bride and the groom left for the groom's home again.

In the evening, my cousin's mom and dad that are my aunt and uncle held a banquet for relatives to celebrate their daughter's marriage. At the same time, the groom's family held a banquet to celebrate the wedding.

This is all I know from my memory of the wedding which has happened recently.

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