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A Singer Once I Hated 2017-07-27
She is a singer but she is a special one. She acts in movies, creates compositions, dressed in fashion magazine and founds foundation after her name a ...
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Danger Came Out 2017-07-26
A long time ago when I was a little boy as ever, danger came out to me so often. I remember once when I woke up from my little afternoon nap, my mothe ...
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Living on worries and tribulations but Dying from fecklessness and playfulness 2017-07-07
I am gonna make my weakness in public, here in my blog. There is a Chinese saying which goes as "生于忧患死于安乐", which means living on worries a ...
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What career, what life 2017-07-04
In this show, it seems that we are all stunned by this girl's appearance. If asked for one word in our mind while seeing her, most of us would say "g ...
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GhostBuster 2017-2-20 00:22:21
Wonderful garden!
GhostBuster 2017-2-20 00:22:21
Wonderful garden!
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