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Share Those days and labor day holiday
stander3068 2018-5-2 22:28
Yanxuan feed herself some meet in the evening, then fall asleep with her grandma. My mother feels not good both physically and mentally, since my young sister is in a crisis of devoice. I collect all the vehicle configures information of GSE M4 and BQ vehicle. Then I begin to verify calibration one by one. My wife give her old cellphone to my father. During labor days holiday, we went to a nearby town, YueLi town in JiaShan county, which is only 67 km far away. We ha ...
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Share 170903
stander3068 2017-9-3 17:30
1.1.1 170903 Today is Sunday, those two days I did nothing but playing with my daughter. I went back from summer trip in 8/21/2017, then my daughter caught cold and got fever, meanwhile she got diarrhea and pharyngitis, so I went to hospital 4 times with my daughter. The reason why she got bacteria, maybe is I bringing her along with me when my mom went to hospital the first day of this week. So kids are forbidden to e ...
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Share 7/30/2017
stander3068 2017-8-2 23:43
7/30/2017 today is army day, my aunt, nephew, my mom, wife , my daughter and I went to a nearby park, national wet land park, we tour around there for a long time then we stayed at a pavilion, where there is breeze and shadow, we watched fish swimming beneath the pavilion, we enjoyed fruits and food there. At noon, we eat at a restaurant nearby, it provides free fruits and snacks, the food price is very common, it also provides us a dish named steamed fish head with diced hot red p ...
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Share 170727
stander3068 2017-7-27 09:59
Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday I read torque and spring test, comprehensively know how the test does and how to judge the result. I was ordered to remove some accessories(CC, hood switch, belt) from a car, which will sent back to factory in future. My daughter refuse to sleep last night at 3:30am, she turns around from time to time. I do not know the reason. She got cold and not got fever on Tuesday due to exposure long time in cold room with air conditio ...
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Share 170724
stander3068 2017-7-24 12:54
Today after I drove my dad to a nearby subway station and my wife to work, I drove my daughter to get a physical check. I thought my daughter should be got a physical check, since she is 9 months old. But in reality, her last physical check data is 6/22, theoretically, her next physical check should be 3 months later, exactly is 8/22. So doctor told me to come here next time. The weekend, my dad came here, but my house is very hot, so he does not feel comfortable here too. ...
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Share 170718
stander3068 2017-7-19 09:38
In the moring, I check the logic for ESP enable, and then I went to do some test on BQ vehicle with Meng. The result is good. All the morning is gone. In the afternoon, mark and I went to do some VRT test. before that I write an ASAP and an autoload files. Finally we finished our test at 5:00pm. Then I went home with my wife at 7:40pm. My aunt will not come here since her daughter in law not allow her to do that. 1.1.1 ...
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Share My daughter
stander3068 2017-7-17 09:32
My daughter had recovered from fever, and now is energetic. She will refuse to drink water if she is not thirsty by pushing away the water bottle using her little hands. She can call baba and mama clearly and soundly. But she likes her mom most. Sometimes she refuse my cuddling. She likes smile often, while likes to cry too due to no reason. She likes to walk when somebody hold her and likes to jump too with her feet hitting the ground heavily. In the weekend, ...
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Share 170713
stander3068 2017-7-13 08:56
Yesterday is Tuesday, my daughter got cold and have fever in the daytime. And I went home from work to take her to the hospital. The cause of fever is virus. May be I was affected by virus from a colleague and then passed them to my daughter. After the doctor giving us some medicine, we went back and I went to company again. Yesterday, in the morning, there was a kick off meeting about EF English learning program. There were about 40 persons in our company attending the prog ...
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Share 170705
stander3068 2017-7-5 12:35
I went back on 6/30/2017. Monday, I organize my receipt and wrote in my coucur system. My party documents was sent to Jiading district and our company. Tuesday, I continue to organize my receipts and began to read all COE material in OBD public website. I brought my daughter to AnTing community hospital to get injection of vaccine. Today is Wednesday , I pasted my receipt and submitted them to coucur treasury system. Then I continued to read CO ...
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Share 170627
stander3068 2017-6-28 12:50
America is a beautiful country, even in las vegas, these are lots of green plants. We test our car in the death valley, the lowest place in America continental. The ambient temperature is very hot, 54 degree centigrade. My car’s AC conditioner is broken, so after the test, my back was wet. Then we went to a nearby desert, which is very small, but from the desert, you can see that the living condition is limited here. Then we went home. We also did test in Mt ...
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