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Share Changes in the local Chinese language
RKSmith 2017-1-16 22:19
Since I've come to China, I have noticed a few changes with regard to how individuals talk here in Guangdong Province. I will write them in pin-yin. 1. A waitress used to be called "xiao jie." Now I'm told you can't say that anymore because it would be quite insulting. Now people say "Mei nu." 2. Nowadays I have noticed people will just say "zao" early in the morning instead of "zao shang hao." 3. Most noticeable, now everyone says "bye bye" either instead of "zai jian" or after it. A conver ...
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Share Today is a holiday in America
RKSmith 2017-1-16 15:17
Today is a holiday in America
This Monday, January 16th is a national holiday in my country. Schools and government offices are closed. On this day we honor Dr. Martin Luther King jr. He was perhaps America’s greatest moral leader. He tried to teach us to give up war. He tried to teach us to live in harmony. We didn’t listen. What an irony it is - Donald Trump will soon take over as president. So far, he causes trouble with China. He fights with both parties in Washington. Today he criticizes the only American congre ...
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