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Share Positivity and Good Fortune Lead to Prosperity
2017-3-31 12:46
I recently have come into so much good fortune in my life that I feel the need to share it with the readers in this Forum. To begin, I have recently become a spritirual person and even religious - I attended church on Christmas morning, and visited many temples (Hindu, Buddhist) while traveling around India in February. My luck has to do with employment, and a job offer I accepted this month that I never thought would be available to me. Now, I receive many job offers on a monthly ...
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Share How I Spend My Birthday in China
2016-11-23 11:15
Another year gone, another year to reflect! (That what's old people doon their birthdays is what Iwas told when I was younger. Ha!) As I laid in bed last night thinking about my birthday today, I thought about the past year, and all its highs and lows. And, what my birthday will bring for it now that I am entering my 39th year. Yes, my birthday is today, and I just thought I would like to share what I do on a typical birthday in China: I woke up in our spare bedroom today, ...
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Share Going "home" for the first time in 4 years
2016-7-22 23:53
Hello Dear Readers, It has been a while since I've contributed to this Forum and figured now that I am officially on summer holiday and another school year is behind me I would share a post with you. More specifically, I would like to write about my feelings about going back to my home country and hometown (London, Ontario, Canada) after four years of living in China. Now, I have lived in China primarily since 2002, but this is the first time I have gone so long a stretch without returning to ...
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Share Short Story from an English Teacher
2016-4-30 11:25
Dear readers, I teach the South Australia Certificate of Education (SACE) to grade 12 students in the International College of my school. As the Senior English teacher at my school, students in SACE must write a piece of descriptive prose/short story (minimum 500 words). For this year's class, students are to write in the genre of suspense with the introductory line of "it was a dark and stormy night..." (cliche, but apt for this assignment.) Anyways, here is my story. I though I would share ...
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Share Lao Wais vs. Wai Guo Ren
2015-9-1 22:28
老外 vs. 外国人/中国通 When I check into this Forum sporadically, it seems like more and more posts are pretty much a bunch of Lao Wais interpretation of their experience of the events in which they've lived here. China, my home of more than ten years. The country I have decided to raise my now family of four in. Yeah, I know...I might as well be Chinese. While some blogs from Foreigners are amusing and somewhat insightful into the lives of the authors, very fe ...
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