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Share 网红,咱们做朋友吧!
2016-9-18 13:49
网红, or Internet celebrity, is a new product of the century, stars of the new media, who are eager to be heard and be known. Their popularity exceeds this of the celebs in movies, soap operas and pop music. They are in the TV commercials. If you don’t watch TV, but follow the news on the Internet, you’ll find even more of them. They are on the billboards on the streets, they are in your WeChat promoting another face mask or a beauty product, they are in Weibo (the main platform for ...
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Share Master Sui's wushu way
2015-4-15 16:11
Master Sui's wushu way
Preserving the country’s traditions is, understandably, crucial to the Chinese people, especially in an age where ongoing globalization threatens to wipe out existing traditional values. Chinese martial arts, or wushu , are a mainstay of traditional Chinese culture. However, fewer and fewer traditional wushu masters are willing to share their unique knowledge with the public. They don’t make advertisements, rarely post videos on the Internet, and aren’t likely t ...
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Expats are invited to give questions to lawmakers
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