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Share Legends of Shanxi.
anastasiasuli 2015-6-30 15:54
There is a Chinese saying that reads: “If you want to see the thirty-year-old China, you should come to Shenzhen, if you want to see the one-hundred-year-old China, you should come to Shanghai,visit Beijing for one-thousand-year history and to witness five-thousand-year history, come to Shanxi”. Being a cradle for the ancient civilization of China, Shanxi province, standing to the west from Beijing, is a gold mine for legends and folk tales. They had been composed through the c ...
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Share China Daily trip to Shanxi.
anastasiasuli 2015-6-3 17:43
China Daily trip to Shanxi.
The Chinese people believe in fate, or yuanfen, as they call it. It is the yuanfen that bring people together and separate them, the chances of getting a job or entering a university is also a matter of yuanfen, and it is fate when we visit certain places, according to the wise easterners. I have heard about Shanxi province before, as the names like Wutaishan, Pingyao and Datong are very famous around China and if someone is a little bit interested in the Chinese culture, also should have ...
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Share My 2014 travelling year in China and not only.
anastasiasuli 2015-5-20 18:47
My 2014 travelling year in China and not only.
China is a paradise for travelers where people travel vastly and frequently, be it for business trips or vacations. And it is explainable due to the country’s developed touristic sector, the low cost of travel, accessibility, bullet trains that now connect the majority of cities in China and awe-inspiring scenery. In addition, China’s convenient geographical position in South-East Asia makes it easy to travel to other budget-friendly and amazing countries like Thailand, Vietnam or South K ...
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Share A stroll along the Imperial capital of China.
anastasiasuli 2015-1-12 19:11
A stroll along the Imperial capital of China.
China is big, but with the scale here comes the diversity. Every Chinese city or town has its own distinguishing features that make it so different from one another. When visiting a new place - and it doesn’t matter how long you stay there – there are always “must-do-s”, “must-see-s” and “must-eat-s”. Xi’an, Sha'anxi province, staying at 1.200 km distance away from Beijing, is abundant in all three “must-s”. The first impression that you get from the city is the se ...
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Share 10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. (Part 1).
anastasiasuli 2014-12-2 00:27
10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. (Part 1).
This year 2014 the great Chinese philosopher, a renowned educator, statesman, and a world culture figure, Confucius, marks its 2565 anniversary. A solid date, if he lived up to see what a huge influence he made on Chinese society, and the world, with his life presenting an example for many a Chinese generation in the past and words of wisdom carefully recorded into the books by his disciples. It is said Confucius is immortal. His greatest contribution is the foundation of Confucianism, t ...
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Share China and South Korea in the eye of a traveler.
anastasiasuli 2014-10-29 01:45
China and South Korea in the eye of a traveler.
Having lived in China, Beijing, for four years, it seems inevitable to come across some parts of Korean culture. My university classmates were mostly from South Korea, there are Korean streets, markets and restaurants in Beijing, and even the whole districts dubbed by the locals the Korean districts, like Wudaokou or Wangjing. So, while in China, you cannot help coming across the fragments of the Korean culture. Actually, the thought of visiting South Korea haunted me for a while until I f ...
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